Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

A few more questions about who calls each other what in Japan

Hmm, the subject line sounds like I'm about to launch into some "who's on first" routine.

If Inui happened to call Kaidoh up on the phone, his home phone, not his cell, how would he ask for him? I mean, what would he call him when he asked for him?

If Inui happened to go over to Kaidoh's place for dinner, what would Kaidoh's parents be likely to call him? Do they just get to choose? If they used a more formal address, would Inui ask them to call him something more familar, once they got to know him better?

And would Inui be likely to call Kaidoh anything different in front of his parents?

What if it were Momoshiro instead of Inui in the above examples? Would there be any difference, due to him being Kaidoh's yearmate instead of his senpai?

It is such details as these I fret over. Many thanks in advance!
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