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You can call me Hal.

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Best. Feedback. Ever.
winged monkeys
Publically posted on this story: Rascal (PotC)

I thought that your story was boring and not worthy of remembrance. Coming from a frequent fan fiction reader, I understand that you're trying, but maybe you should stop writing altogether. Better luck next time!

Jeez, why didn't one of you have the guts to tell me I should stop writing long ago? That's seven years of my life I'll never get back!

*goes out to find books on knitting*

ETA: just in case it's not clear, I'm not sharing this out of outrage, but amusement. So please enjoy it like I am. :)

*points and laughs*

Dangling modifier!!! har har har.

I think if a person is going to write to tell someone else to stop writing, s/he might want to learn how to write first.

OK, I don't think I even remember what a dangling modifier is. I'm good with grammar so long as the language isn't English. *g*


*laughs, since you are*

Fan Fiction is Funny, n'est?

It's totally hilarious. Honestly, this feedback filled me with such sincere joy that I teared up. I freaking love it when I get these. Seriously.

Everytime I consider how much fandoms are destroyed by awful people, someone comes along to prove that the situation is worse than I think it is. ::sigh::

If stealing is the most sincere form of flattery, I stole one of your lines for a sig -


Of course it was a bit out of context. :-)

Well, it amused me more than anything, so don't worry on my account. :)

I can't get the link to work! It just tells me I have to log in.

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(Deleted comment)
I'm sure she's just a troll. Usually they post fire and brimstone on my hobbit slash, but maybe they're branching out. :)

It wasn't worthy but it was noteworthy? The review is a hilarious contridiction in itself.

Hey, at least you know you've done something for seven years ... and if that person read your stories for seven years, that really makes s/he a loser, ya know?

It's too, too precious. :) It makes me want to ruffle up her hair and buy her ice cream or something.

And you tried so hard, too. You poor thing, flailing for glory like that! A true legend is never appreciated in her own time. *g*

*sigh* All the *good* feedback will come after I'm dead, I'm sure. They'll teach collage courses on my Skinner/Pendrell slash.

I never understood the point of telling someone not to write if I didn't like a story--it's all subjective, isn't it? I don't presume to tell someone else what makes good story (spelling, on the other hand--I go into fits over spelling errors *L*); that would be completely egotistical of me.
Oddly enough, considering the Harlequinesque nature of some of my stories (cavities free, ask me how!), the only negative fb I ever received was about a description of a woman pursuing Skinner at a wedding; I apparently am insensitive about fat women, which, considering that the bathroom scale gibbers in fear when I approach it, is pretty damn funny.
Keep on doing whatcha do, Hal--but if you're going to be knitting, it was -55 with the wind chill here a couple of days ago, I could use a hat!

I did try to learn to knit. Several times. I'm not good with anything that requires hand-eye coordination, even if it's slow like knitting.

I don't get those trolling comments in email or LJ, just posted on my website. I think the nature of the commenting system invites them. Which is good for me, cause then I get to have a laugh. :)

I really think the very bestest part is the <3 she put after her name.

Hee. What a maroon.

Seriously! It must just be part of her name, you know? Maybe I should add something to mine. I'll be Hal* and the wildcard can stand for the part of my name nobody can spell.

Lucky! Oh, I love comments like that. The pretentious 'literary' fanfic readers who so desperately want to sound like they have the right to pass judgement on a person's fiction...

Really, if they think YOUR fiction is bad, what on earth do they think of the REST of the crap that predominates fandom?

You know you're doing well in fandom when you GET comments like that, actually. Means more people are reading your stuff. Best day of my fanfiction career was discovering a thread dedicated to me on fanfic_hate. ^_^

Hee! I don't mind people giving me crit, by any means. This was just such a troll that it tickled me. "Better luck next time!"

not worthy of remembrance
*begs to differ and pins on a poppy*

Aw! Now I can, er, rest in peace. Or something. *g*

I think what makes it for me is the <3 after her name. Or maybe the "frequent fan fiction reader" cited like it's academic credentials or something.

I know! "Long time reader, first time troller, xoxoxoxoxox" I guess. *g*

*snort* What a sad attempt to be condescending.

*gets knitting needles, comes to join you*

32nd comment (i'm not worthy)

i sure won't join any outrage, this is too funny.
and i don't believe in nitpicking a critics english at all.
i do believe in nitpicking their logic though: soooo, you should stop writing, but they wish you better luck next time?

or was that for the sweater ...