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2004 Fanfiction Review

In 2004, I posted 62 stories in 11 fandoms. 14 of those stories were drabbles or under 200 words. You can see them all on my 2004 page. I've been listing my fic by year for a while now.

Favourite Challenge Story: Somebody's Darling
Gone With The Wind, Scarlett/Melanie, PG13. Needs must.
I wrote this for the Femslash Ficathon. It worked rather like yuletide does, where you say what you can write and get requests based on that. I really enjoyed getting to play in the GWTW world and writing in that style. And what relationship is more complex than Scarlett and Melanie?

Favourite Drabble: Perfection
Harry Potter, Lucius/Mary Sue, PG. True love. For the hpsquick100 Mary Sue challenge. Since it's so short, I'll paste it in behind the cut.


Cordelia Constance Violet de Vere laid a gentle hand on Lucius's arm. "You have changed."

Lucius looked deep into her sapphire eyes and brushed a raven lock away from the alabaster skin of her heart-shaped face. "You have saved me," he said. "You taught me good. You taught me love."

She smiled brilliantly. Lucius slit her throat and caught the blood in a silver basin. Some splashed onto his robes and he swore. Obtaining the blood of a Mary Sue was the most tedious part of this potion.

But it was worth it to keep his hair so silky.


Favourite Orgasm: Drawn and Quartered.
Gundam Wing, 1x2x1, NC17, studying. For the GW Back To School Smutathon.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: there's nobody I'd rather write having sex than Heero and Duo. I feel so unconstrained with them, both in my language and in what I can have them do. So it's not surprising that they get the best orgasms. Thanks, guys, let's do this again sometime.

Duo has been laughing, ever since Heero fell on the floor with his bare ass hanging out of his pants.


"Fuck you, Maxwell," Heero said.

"Maybe next time, kitten," Duo said and pushed inside. Oh, yeah, that was just the thing, tight and hot around his cock. He steadied himself with one hand on Heero's hip and reached around with the other. And he giggled. He was too far gone to stop now, this was amusing, this was hilarious, this was possibly a lack of oxygen, but it was so very, very funny.

He started slow, then sped his strokes. Duo was naked, but Heero still had all his clothes on, even his socks. His tie swung with every thrust and heaven help Duo, but that was funny too.

So funny, so hot, so good. Duo laughed and fucked and laughed and jerked and laughed some more. Heero growled something unintelligible and angry. But now Duo was the one who had the upper hand, so to speak, and he just kept fucking and jerking and laughing until everything contracted to the smallest possible point and then expanded all in a rush of heart beating, blood pulsing, muscles throbbing, jizz shooting, brain screaming, "Make more babies, yay!"


It's the babies line that makes it for me. :)

Funniest: Letters to a Young Gentleman
Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, PG13. The collected correspondence of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.
Um, it's funny.

Most Underappreciated: You Don't Know Until You Try
Stargate: SG-1, Jack/OMC, PG 13, S7 spoilers. Kissing.
You may or may not recall the Week of Boy Kissage in June. This was the Stargate entry. I think maybe the dread letters "OMC" scared people away. Or maybe it just wasn't as good as I thought it was. But it was my fave of the boykissing stories and I was surprised other people didn't like it so much as I did.

Favourite Story: Tennis boys or Quidditch boys? I couldn't choose between them, so here are my two favourite stories from 2004.

I Gave my Love a Cherry
Harry Potter, Marcus/Oliver, NC17, Oliver is a virgin. Marcus helps out.
I write M/O in several different ways, but I think this is the way I like them best: Marcus, cruel and self-aware, Oliver, enthralled and hopeless. The story includes one of my favourite kinks and I love, love, love the title.

Somebody Else's Hand
Prince of Tennis, MomoKai, R. Momoshiro, Kaidoh, broken chalk, sexual gratification.
It's unusual for me to write a PoT story that as sexual as this one, but there was no other way to make it work. I liked the pacing here, the way the intimacy built, and the dialogue. And Momo is a damn fun POV character.

And that's the way it was.
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