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You can call me Hal.

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Returns of the day.
My birthday is coming up -- January 26 -- and I usually like, hobbit style, to give presents in the form of fic. This year, I'm taking requests.

If you are so inclined, give me a fandom, a pairing or characters, and a prompt -- words, a phrase, a quote, a situation -- and I will write you a story of 100 - 500 words (unless it's more).

Pick any fandom from my website or anything else that you know I watch or read. Slash, het, gen, it's all good. Unconventional pairings are great. But please no incest or cross-gen for pairings that I have not already written.

Presuming anyone bites, I'll begin posting the completed stories on the 26th and keep on until I'm done. I've never done this before, so it's kind of exciting. :)

ETA: this is awesome, guys! I think I'm going to have to cap this at 30 (so about 10 more) or I won't be finished until my next birthday.

ETA 2: And we're done! Thanks. :)

Bruno and Boots. The sanctity of Macdonald Hall is being threatened. :D

Bruno and Boots? This can't be happening at MacDonald Hall! I love Bruno and Boots. I never considered slash with them before, but hey, why not?

e_e Can I request Rikkai fic from tenipuri? e_e Or any tenipuri, really.

You can, but you have to be more specific! Give me names! And something to start from.

Arthur / Ford.

Yes. :D :D

Remus/Sirius, "I would love to change your mind," preferably light on the angst.

Jeremiah/Markus! Presuming you still remember them, and how delicious they are...the night before election day for a new Thunder Mountain Ruling Council. (Where that can mean whatever the hell you want it to mean.)

I do remember them. :) D. and I have been re-watching S1 for a while. Though my thoughts have tended towards Markus/Lee recently.

Fandom: Star Wars
Pairing: Han/Luke
Prompt: Post-Return of the Jedi. Luke feels haunted by the Dark Side. Han is worried.

Is that an okay prompt? I'm sort of bad at giving them.

We miss you in the land of X....

Mulder/Skinner please? I'm a hurt/comfort whore, but your humour is brilliant as well, so long as it's my guys, I know you will make it wonderful!

I'd offer the same, but I don't know much beyond XF and Buffy, but if you like those, make a birthday wish and I'll see what I can do.


Hmmm I'll bite....HP Harry/Draco .... the perfect birthday...


HP, Ron/Viktor, jealousy.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Will/Jack, "If you were waiting for the opportune moment, that was it."

Fandom: Star Trek Slash Pairing: Kirk/Spock Based on the line: "That is highly illogical, Captain." Any rating you prefer, from G to NC-17.

Could I have an Aragorn/Legolas LOTR slash piece please? Pretty please?

Sure thing. :) Do you have a prompt for me?

Bruno/Boots! :) And a prompt... a scarf?

(if you'd rather not write that pairing twice, InuKai works too<3! ^^)

Stargate SG-1, Jack/Daniel.

Jack takes Daniel to meet his family.

Champloo, Jin/Fuu/Mugen, and I will be the world's happiest fangirl.