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You can call me Hal.

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Prince of Tennis 166 raw
kaidoh klingon
I was freaking out all last night, waiting for the raw. There was a speed sub of last night's Naruto up before the PoT raw, for god's sake! But now I have it. And now I have watched it. (Still haven't watched last week's Naruto, though.)

Oh my god, Momo, Kaidoh, and Echizen are in the same block! If Roy dies Kaidoh ends up off the regulars, I think I'll have a stroke and die. I'm already freaking out. *twitch* *twitch*

I mean, I'm confident that Kaidoh can beat Momo, except for the fact that Momo has already been off the regulars once, so it makes more *narrative* sense for it to be Kaidoh.

*sends someone to break Momo's legs*

I don't want either of them out, of course. As you can probably tell, they're my favourite doubles pair! But Kaidoh is my baby. Momo is just this guy that I sometimes let fool around with Kaidoh.

What's with all this stuff with Oishi and Kawamura? They're not Momo and Kaidoh! Just because Kawamura never beat Oishi before, everyone is all worked up. How can they care about that, when our world is crumbling around us?

Oh my god, Momo and Kaidoh are playing next week. Wah! But don't anybody fucking spoil me, if you already know who's out of that block.

Some nice TezuRyo this week, though. I just wish I were calm enough to appreciate it.

ETA: OK, here's how it's going to go down.

Nanjiroh: Ryoma, I've just inherited 50 million dollars, but in order to get it, we have to spend a month in a haunted mansion in Franklin, Pennsylvania.

Ryoma: Have a nice time.

Nanjiroh: No, the whole family has to come. We're leaving tonight, so go get packed.

Ryoma: Jeez!

Momo and Kaidoh have a fierce match that goes into a tie-break and Kaidoh wins. There are lots of shots of Kaidoh's pretty ankles and Momo hitting his jackknife. After the game, they shake hands and Momo has a sudden vision of them pressed together in the locker room, making out like there's no tomorrow. He starts to sweat profusely. Kaidoh goes off with Inui.

Momo and Kaidoh play doubles in Nationals and Seigaku wins. Ryoma comes back afterwards to play a match with Tezuka. He still can't win. But Tezuka finally kisses him so it's okay.

Just repeat to yourself, it's just a show, I should really just relax.

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you should definitely be a writer for the series.

Just think of the wacky hijinks in the haunted mansion!

You're so cute when you get all frothy.

Oh, man, your situation. <333, :D. Can it go like that really? (Please?)

Eh, I thought you didn't watch raws! When (and why)have you started? :))

I finally started once I had good subs or HK DVD rips up to about 10 away from current. Then I thought I might as well just catch up. :)

The dvd subtitles are awful! When I watched PoT dvds, the fact that I can understand Japanese was terribly convenient...
Maybe it's easier for you 'cause you're an English native speaker, but for me most of the hk translations don't even make sense. @__@;

Well, the HK "translations" were enough for me to get the general gist, but they're not really a huge step above watching raws. I find that I can follow the raws fairly well, since the show is not very complex.

Of course, I'm missing the nuances, but aside from the TezuRyo conversations, when is there ever nuance on tenipuri?

Well, I suck at tennis. Therefore I have to listen very carefully (even to Horio's comments OMG) to really understand the games.
Also, when you can't follow the dialogues, you miss some of the slashiness.
A good portion of it can't be perceived even in the fansubs. But it's normal, fansubbers aren't yaoi-inclined...
When I think about it, that may explain why some pairings are very popular inside Japan (where the fangirls can absorb all the fanservice-induced slashiness) but are non-existant in the rest of the Pot fandom.

I find the matches not too hard to follow -- though I'm not too interested in the details anyhow, so I don't mind missing some there.

When I think about it, that may explain why some pairings are very popular inside Japan (where the fangirls can absorb all the fanservice-induced slashiness) but are non-existant in the rest of the Pot fandom.

Yeah, you'll always miss something with a translation. And now I'm intrigued. Can you give me an example?

Mmm... I don't have a precise example in mind, since most of what I caught (and I miss a lot, my japanese isn't that good) was about Rokkaku or Rikkai, and I'm only interested in Seigaku.
As you know, the language isn't very explicit, it heavily relies on levels of politeness and circumstances. Sometimes, dropping the keigo for a phrase or two, using a word instead of another suggests subtle flirting, or a suspicious level of intimacy. :))
When you read a dj, in some cases the author explains at the end what tendencious moment (in the anime) gave her the idea, and I think: "Eh! I watched that ep and I didn't catch that!" It's funny, but somewhat frustrating. I should work harder at improving my jap skills ans then re-watch the whole series.
Frankly, I don' know if such blatant fanservice is common, PoT is the only anime I watch closely. What do you think?

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