Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Death Note and tenipuri

I just read Death Note 53. All I have to say is: sweet!

And on to Prince of Tennis 167 raw.

OK, I was much more calm this week than I was last. I'd been thinking about how things were likely to go down and I came to the conclusion that regardless of who was out, something would happen so that everyone would get to play in Nationals. And then I came to the further conclusion that since we're ramping up to the climax of the series, the logical outcome to increase the dramatic tension would be for Ryoma to be out, somehow. So I was comforted by that thought as well. And the episode certainly seemed to bear that out.

Still, I was pissed off that Momo won. And I really wished they had stretched the match out to two episodes so we could have seen more of it.

It was great that they both played so well. And that Kaidoh finally picked up Momo's smash. And that they eyefucked each other showed the obvious respect and even affection they have for each other at the end. I was pleased that Kaidoh behaved so well. He wouldn't have reacted like that at the beginning of the series.

Oh, my baby! I know you are crushed! I am crushed too. You need lots of hugs now. *hugs* Oh, not from me? I'll see what I can do.

Note to Inui: if you don't start showing more visible concern when your snugglebunny is in the match of his life, you will be cut off. I mean it. It's not just Momo I'll let Kaidoh get with. There's, oh, Mizuki. Kamio. Hey, I think even Fuji might be persuaded to get in on the action.

On a note unrelated to slash, I've long thought that Horio was a Kaidoh fanboy. I'm more convinced of that than ever.

So, in conclusion, I am sad for Kaidoh, but not freaking out like I was last week.
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