Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Prince of Tennis 168-169

Hrm. Kind of sucky. As if Eiji could give Inui such a challenge. Maybe Inui was also doing differential calculus in his head to make it more interesting for him.

I was shocked and pleased by The Eye. Lovely. :) But it also serves as a reminder that things are winding down. They wouldn't do that if we weren't near the end, would they?

And the rest of the episode seemed like there was a lot going on, but without much actually happening. Usually I watch the whole episode and then read a write-up. This time I kept stopping after every scene and reading.

And usually that's enough. But whenever there is TezuRyo convo, I don't just want a sub, I want a literal translation and notes on all the subtleties, and analyses from ten people on what it might mean for Their Love. So, argh.

But still, just hearing the change in Ryoma's voice whenever he speaks to Tezuka, and seeing Tezuka's eyes follow Ryoma wherever he goes...


Oh, and I was ready to see Arai wind up and return Kawamura's serve. Come on, let him have some dignity! We should at least see him losing well by now. Bah.

The movie looks so, so ridiculous. But that shot of Kaidoh playing soccer will keep me warm for days. I want to see him play every sport! I wonder when we'll get to see this.

So, in conclusion: meh.
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