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You can call me Hal.

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Snowy day snuggles
I got up at 4 AM and travelled and did stuff and came home. I am exhausted, so comments answered tomorrow. And re the MomoKai: thanks for not being mad at me (or at least for not yelling at me if you are).

Anyhow, this will cheer you up. I know it cheers me. :) The fabulous cellia drew some fanart for my InuKai story, Möbius.

It makes me feel all warm and melty. Thanks again, cellia! It really made my day.

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I still have to read that InuKai (love the art!!), but last night I read the MomoKai (Journeys End) and loved it to pieces, in spite of the blow. It came so unexpectedly to us as to Kaido T_T You did a great job. And since I was in Kaido!mood for obvious reasons, I enjoyed it twice as much. Ah...Kaido.

I'm so glad you liked the MomoKai! It just seemed to me like something that might happen. *sigh*

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