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Deathnote 55 & 56 are out. My love for Raito is deeper than the ocean and hotter than the blazing sun.


If you're still angry with Momo over you-know-what, then check out some "art" by me on Artpad. (Please note that this does not represent my feelings towards Momo. I felt kind of sorry for him.) You might want to speed up the playback a little.


Why is the avi file of Threads 700 MB? Was it a two hour episode? It's taking forever to download.


Monster 38: Oh, Tenma.


Late night tenipuri conversation:

Boy: So in Year Two, when Kirihara transfers to Seigaku and is buchou--

Hal: Kirihara can't be buchou! He's psycho!

[ arguing cut for length ]

Hal: Anyhow, I think Year Two will be Fudomine's year. All of their players except for Tachibana will still be there. Maybe Year Two should be all about them instead of Seigaku.

Boy: I'd watch that. An can be their manager.

Hal: What would it be called?

Boy: Tachibana An's Boy Toys


I am SO ready for The Half-Blood Prince. It's time for new canon.
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