Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Stargate, ah, Stargate

So, I watched Threads last week.

I can't believe that's not the series finale, let alone the season finale. Everything got tied up, a bunch of characters got taken out one way or another, and our OT4 ended up relaxed and happy together.

Part of me wants to say that *was* the end and just stop watching now, before the show changes even more. But of course I won't. The only time I ever stopped watching a show I was fannish about was Andromeda, because Sorbo was making me so goddamned angry every second he was on the screen. I watched all of TXF. And SG-1 is very far from *that* level, even if it is getting further away from what made me love it in the first place.

*sigh* At least we'll have [ casting spoiler #2 ] next year. But, really, they should just drop SG-1 and make Lucky 13 about Adam Baldwin's unit.

I loved:

* Jack's refusal to believe Daniel might be dead and especially the reasoning behind it.

* Baal. His awkwardness, his arrogance, his beard.

* The First Prime of Yu. Wait, that was probably an ep or two before. I watched them all so close together, it's hard to separate them.

* The Teal'c - Bra'tac buddy show. And that Bra'tac *wasn't* one of the dead/missing/broken-up-with.

* Jack in bed with CIA woman. I couldn't believe how much I was hoping for that reveal or how happy it made me when I saw it. He totally deserved to get some.

Not so much about:

* The Enlightenment Café. And did you notice that the newspaper delivered tommorrow's news today? Who knew the Ancients didn't have spell-checkers?

* The actual story. Too scattered, not suspenseful, sadly.

* The Sam/Jack. If Sam/Jack is a ship, it's a battleship that sails into the harbour, points its guns at you, and says, Feel the chemistry or die! (And I'm not just saying that because *my* ship is Sam/Daniel.)

And poor Pete never got to go through the stargate.

I feel badly that I'm so unenthusiastic. I still like the show. But it's feeling really tired to me. Is there anywhere left for them to go?

Maybe I need to start at the beginning again. Only D. has got my DVDs.
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