Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Moebius 1

Fucking awesome, man, fucking awesome.

I haven't enjoyed a non-Maybourne episode like this in *years*. I felt like I was back in season three again.

Time travel -- I never thought I'd say this about time travel, but it was just what they needed. (Only. Time travel makes me think of Janet. Because she was there in 2010.) Ancient Egypt ahoy!

And Lt Gaeta!

Flash forward to the True Geek Love. My little Sam/Daniel shipper heart was going pitterpat. I can't quite believe that Sam would ever be *quite* that dorky, but still. So very cute, the both of them.

Jack, bitter Jack, and the lifejackets. He's so attractive when he's dirty and scowling.

Rodney. *love*

In fact, I loved it all. Except the mustache.

The mustache must go.
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