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You can call me Hal.

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Made them here: http://www.planearium.de/flash/spstudio.html

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Okay...I give up. I made a little guy, I did the 'print' thing, and my computer's getting all angsty with me. How do I get an image capture so I can save it?

All that will work is a screen cap. There's no other way to do it.

...Okay. You just stumped the panel.

Print-screen. Screenshot. On a Mac, the key combo is Command-Shift-3. That will put a pdf on your desktop in OS X or a pict on your hard drive in OS 9. On Windows, I'm not really sure how you do it.


Okay, I'll mess around. Thanks :-D (And your icons are very cool. I caught myself making SG-1 and had to stop and walk away from the computer for a while.)

Hee! You should totally make SG-1. I figured I'd better stop with my tennis boys or I would be at it all day.

Okay, sorry, one more really dumb question...I can figure out how to screencap the page--actually the entire site, apparently--but not the flash image itself. Any clues?

That's what I did -- capped the whole screen. Then I just used Photoshop to crop out everything else but my guys.

Sorry, I'm not explaining this well at all (and you're very patient)--I get a blank square where the image should be, as if the computer read it as an empty image.

That's bizarre -- I'm not sure what to tell you about that, since it worked for me fine. If you have another browser installed, you might try using that instead and seeing if that makes any difference.

Thanks :-D I'll keep futzing with it.

*dies* Oh, that... so perfect. *dies more* I never even thought about trying to make the Tenipuri boys.

It's the first thing I *always* think of. I'm pathetically obsessed.

Haha, I couldn't resist!
I made my Kaidoh~~ thanks!

Hee! You fixed up his bandana!

Those are great, but the beer one is better!!!!! *grins*

Tenipuri may end, but beer will always be with us. :)

^_^ See, at home I don't ever drink beer, I don't like it. But when I am in China, I just drink whatever other people are having for the sake of simplicity (also, it's the cheapest), so more often than not I find myself going out and eating and drinking beer, and, once drunk, wanting to say "Beeeeer gooooooood." Only none of my friends here will get it. So sad.

Also, I am so removed from fandom! I never get to see those panicking posts about Tenipuri (isn't it just Anipuri?) ending. Is it really ending? How evil. And how wonderful for the fanfic writers, who will have a perfect open ending to start picking up from.

Well, nobody has any actual confirmation about it yet, though it's sounding more and more likely from the circumstances (episode names, another show being announced for that timeslot). And yes, just anipuri. The manga is ongoing.

Now it's only a teeny tiny step to making Fuwa icons! Just one genetic step, actually.

You can see from this comment that I am ridiculously sleep deprived on account of having to stay up until I was done with all 39 episodes of Whistle!. Am so dead. Dead of love for these earnest, bright boys who Just Never Quit. *swoons*

Also, do you have any idea why there are only 39 episodes? Must investigate, as this is surely a crime.

Fuwa! My irritable robot baby! Aren't they all Just So Sweet?

I'm not sure why they ended the anime there; the manga goes on a lot further. I don't have scanlations, though. They must be out there but I have not yet found them. I have the first few volumes from Viz and it's really good.

I'm so glad you enjoyed Whistle! It really appealed to me. After I'm back from my vac, I'll have to get started with some fic.

They are all Unbelievably Sweet--especially the player who goes up against his Korean cousin (can't remember his name). For some reason, he reminds me of Cameron from Ferris Bueller--probably how he's drawn. Must find the manga somewhere--I didn't realize it had been licensed, which probably explains why it's nowhere to be found.

I think 'enjoyed' is a bit of an understatement. *g* Thank you for your always-fabulous anime recs! Oh, and regarding Hikaru--I'm currently investigating my laptop's ability to burn DVDs/VCDs, and I may not figure it out until I go home in two weeks. Hope you don't mind the delay!

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