Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,


So, I've been seeing in a lot of places that YouSendIt is cracking down on websites that link publically to their files.

I've also heard that this is an unfounded rumour, so form your own opinions. :)

In any case, one thing that you might try, if you're worried, is to post the link without making it a link, if you follow me. Then people will have to copy and paste the link into their browser, which would avoid the "referring website" problem.

Just use this format:


You need the pre tags to keep LJ from making it a clickable link automatically.

ETA: You might also need to paste the link into a new window or tab, instead of the window that already contains the LJ post. I'm not completely up on how the referer thing works in this instance and I'm too lazy to research it right now.
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