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You can call me Hal.

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Tenipuri raw 173
winged monkeys
I said that I wanted to see Momo and Kaidoh play doubles once more before the end. This was not what I wanted to see. This was the anti-matter version of what I wanted to see.

Kill me now.

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*consoling hug* Eh. That episode. Perhaps the AniPuri writers are trying to go out with some heavy-duty uber-crack? I mean, we did give up on continuity or - God forbid - coherence since Rikkai arc, didn't we?

Maybe they're just trying to make us glad the show is ending. I never thought this would turn out like TXF, though. Bah.

...I've just watched 174. I totally take it back. I'm actually considering forgiving the animators for anime Rikkai arc and beyond. *dies*

Well, that's something to look forward to. :) Yay! I've actually wanted to see the Tezuka - Fuji match up for some time. We've never actually seen Fuji lose a singles match. And he always seems to be able to pull something out of his sleeve.

Dammit, I'm still at work.

You're referring to the doppelgangers, I take it?


To add to the crackness, I'm sure you noticed that the kaidoh-clone had momo's VA and the momo-clone had kaidoh's VA...? ^.^;;;;

Do you think everyone has an Evil American Twin? I mean, I've always said that Kevin is Ryoma's. (Of course, Ryoma is also the Evil Twin -- neither are the good one. *g*) At least we have Tezuka vs Fuji next week, which will probably not traumatize me.

I hope.

Then does that make ME the evil american twin of someone? And does that mean that YOU have an Evil American Twin?

Hee! No, cause we're not anime characters wiht l33t tennis skillz. Or at least I'm not. :)

It was just a dream, dear; just a dream.

*mutters* There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home.

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