Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

One fandom, two fandoms, red fandom, blue fandom

Wrote another drabble for the hp100 Sorting Hat challenge: Sorted. (I hope that's not what I called the last one.)

And some things I noticed about X2 the second time around. Or noticed the first time around but forgot to write about.

The opening with the stars and the Patrick Stewart VO made me giggle. "Space..."

Ian McKellen is v. beautiful.

Logan putting his cigar out in the palm of his hand gave me a happy. His winces and groans and the smoke rising from his burning flesh. I wonder if he gets off on pain, since he knows it will all be better in a minute.

Saw Remy's name in Stryker's files, Hank McCoy on TV, and an X-ray of a wing at Alkali Lake. (It's nice to know that there can be secret facilities performing medical atrocities in Canada too. *g*) I didn't see Stan anywhere. Was he in this one?

In the credits, there was a whole section for "Phoenix Effects".

I haven't figured out the significance of the Once and Future King refs. Is Charles Arthur and Erik Merlin?

Being multi-fandom is hard. Right now, my heart is with HP and my brain is with LotR, but it's springtime and X2 is turning my head. And just wait until the Jeremiah tapes and Stargate DVDs arrive...

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