Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Moebius 2

Finally got around to watching this. Impressions as I go.

* Jack/Kawalsky OTP!!!

* I watched the credits with a hopeful eye to seeing Janet, but no such luck. I suppose that would have broken us all anyhow.

* OK, why did Jack let Daniel spill all that intel to Teal'c? That rang really false to me.

* Dead again, Daniel Jackson?

* I think there really needs to be some AU!Jack/regular!Daniel slash. Really. I'm not usually all about the J/D but wow.

* So, Sam is working on getting the cloak operational so Gateship 1 won't be detected. It's all hard and stuff. And Jack chooses that moment to hit on her?

* Oh, but Sam just said she was attracted to Daniel and I am over the moon with geekshipper joy. Joy, I say!

* And Jack thought Daniel was gay? This keeps getting better and better.

* I screamed. You know when. And she lied? Devil woman!!! My heart is broken.

* Woah, movie moment! Cool! Go Mr Gaeta!

* And back to the beginning we go.

So, did the alternate timeline SG-1 + Daniel live out their lives in the past again? I'm a little unclear on that. And is real!Daniel's vision as bad as AU!Daniel's vision?

All in all, these eps were a lot of fun. Like I said about Moebius 1, it made me feel like I was back in season three or so. There were holes, certainly, but let's not dwell.

And now we're done, right? That was the series finale? No? Damn.
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