Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

My, my, my, my Mitchell

D. and I added Star Trek: TOS to our Monday night TV lineup and kicked it off with Where No Man Has Gone Before. That's the one where Kirk's friend Gary Mitchell goes all Absolute Power on their asses and Kirk has to take him down like Travis did Old Yeller, though with more ripped shirts and rolling in the dirt. It's a classic.

What this episode is really about, though, is Spock replacing Mitchell as Kirk's companion. The first thing we see is Kirk and Spock playing 3-D chess together and bantering. Spock is almost smiling. Later, when Mitchell joins them in the turbolift, they all have sex there is visible tension between Spock and Mitchell.

After Mitchell gets zapped by the Apotheosis Field, it's Spock who is suspicious and monitors his actitivies. And easily convinces Kirk to put a 24 hour guard on Mitchell. Kirk never seems to question Spock's judgement. He does suggest that Spock is rather unfeeling, but Spock replies that that makes his observations untainted. Kirk doesn't really disagree.

In fact, I was surprised by how easily Kirk let go of his friend. I would have expected him to resist a little, to believe that Mitchell could fight the changes and retain a good heart. But he not only lets Mitchell go, he kills him himself and ends the episode beside Spock, sharing a special moment.

It's all true, boys and girls, it's all true.

Also, Spock had a really cool ray gun.
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