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You can call me Hal.

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A bear of very little brain.
Some days, it's easier to write fic than to think of something interesting to say. And some days I can't even do that.

The plan for the evening was to work on some Whistle! fic. That turned into a few hours of trying to get inside the head of Fuwa. To that end, I'm listening to Tool (usually reserved for debugging code and reading about QM) and reading up on Asperger's Syndrome.

I took the Autism-Spectrum Quotient test and scored 33. According to Wired: eighty percent of those diagnosed with autism or a related disorder scored 32 or higher. Hmm.

When I was on my iMac earlier, I googled "Fuwa Daichi" and the second result was my own LJ userinfo page. I just did the same search from the iBook and my page isn't anywhere in the first six pages. Bizarre.

Last night we watched The Corbomite Maneuver. It was noteworthy for the number of times Kirk took his shirt off and then called Spock on the videophone. Also, Clint Howard.

In conclusion, if I could draw, I would draw a picture of Momoshiro and Kaidoh in tuxedos, with white ties and cummerbunds. Kaidoh would be grabbing Momo by the lapel and scowling at him. Momo would be leaning in with a mischievous look on his face and we would know that one second later, they would be kissing, but we weren't going to get to see it ourselves.

Maybe I'll just think about that for a while.

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I have several students on my caseload who have Asperger's, and many of them have a father who has Asperger's also. It's been fascinating getting to know that particularly part of the population. Most of them are incredibly good with language and mathematics, but have difficulties with gross motor or fine motor skills, and all the students can tell that there's just something a little bit off about them. For the most part they're really great to work with, because they interact on a more mature level than most kids their age. I can use the same language with my three Grade 2 boys who have Asperger's as I would with an adult. And I better not change the schedule around, because they know and I get heck for it. =D

Autism as a whole is fascinating. I have some kids who are completely non-verbal, almost catatonic, and then the Asperger's kids who are more like geniuses with bad social skills, and everything in between. You never know what you're going to find.

The Wired article was about how there's a higher incidence of autism and Asperger's in Silicon Valley, which is quite interesting. Whenever I read about Asperger's, I find things that I recognise in myself -- not to the same extent, I don't think, but enough that it makes me wonder. From what I read, a lot of IT geeks feel the same.

*nods* I totally read the article, or one similar to it. They were making the point that having two parents who were techno geeks seemed to increase the incidence of autism, implying that IT geeks have a higher incidence of Asperger's.

It's quite fascinating. In today's world people with Asperger's can really thrive because there is a demand for people to work isolated from others, who are good with detail. Techology has made leaps and bounds. I also head an Assistive Tech program to recommend specialized computer equipment for kids who just can't meet the demands of the class with regular intervention. One of our greatest discoveries was Microsoft Powerpoint. =D A lot of the kids with Asperger's just /dreaded/ making presentations in front of the class. It was a real challenge for them. But give them a laptop, a projector, and Powerpoint? No problem. And because they usually are great with detail, they take to the technology like a fish to water.

Another thing which always blows my mind about autism is the way in which it seems to appear in waves. Current thinking has it that you need a combination of genetic predisposition and environmental stimulus for the condition to develop. So we have, like, a bunch of kids in grade 2 with autism. Then a bunch of kids in grade 5. And a bunch of kids in grade 11. And nothing in between; or if there are, they're from out of town. They used to think that one of the stimulus might be a bad batch of vaccines, for example...although I think that theory has been proven wrong.

Anyway, I have to get to work. =D

*points* See, THAT is the reason I keep trying to learn how to draw. Pics like that. I've got ideas like that, too... and if I could draw, I'd draw that for you!

The continued attempts are so far continuing to fail, however... >.<

If you write Fuwa fic, you're sharing, right? RIGHT? *big pleading chibi eyes*

Damn you for hooking me on a fandom nobody else has ever heard of, anyway!

We'll just have to post our word-pictures instead. :) I would like to learn to draw too and I have "Drawing On the Right Side of the Brain" just waiting for me to lose my job or win the lottery or something so I have time to try it out. But I don't expect that I would get to the "lovely fanart" level -- I just hope to be able to draw semi-realisticly. Also, I'm interested in how it would change the way I look at things and how I think.

And of course I'll share the Fuwa fic! It's not like I would ever hoard my fic unposted. *g* But it's going to be hard to really get his POV working, I think.

I have this mental image of Atobe dressed as a samurai, with the high ponytail instead of the mage topknot thing. I can SEE it in my head, right down to the look on his face and the shine on the sword, but I can't make it come out as anything but random scribbles. >.< I also have a picture of Atobe and Ohtori in ski-gear, laughing together on a snowy slope, which I really REALLY want to do for the AtoTori fic I'm writing. Not gonna happen. Argh.

My biggest problem with getting into Fuwa's head has been NOT treating him like a quieter version of Kaidou. I keep expecting him to start hissing when things annoy him. >.< And I'd really like to know more about his background and family life, and things like that. (Was THE episode you were talking about the one where he goes to Musashi no Mori? ^____^)

My Kaidou-muse and the developing Fuwa-muse have been plotting this elaborate cross-over wherein Fuwa is actually Kaidou's illegitimate half brother and they hate each other, and Fuwa is actually the reason Kaidou always wears the bandanna (because they looked alike when they were younger, and Kaidou HATED being mistaken for him), and all this other stuff. >.< I keep telling them 'NO! BAD muses!', but they're not listening. *rolls eyes* Do they ever?

also have a picture of Atobe and Ohtori in ski-gear, laughing together on a snowy slope

Hmm, the best I can do is this. *g*

And then Atobe got slapped by Shishido. I'm sure Oshitari would have slapped Ohtori, but he was sleeping.

My biggest problem with getting into Fuwa's head has been NOT treating him like a quieter version of Kaidou.

Yeah, I don't think he's anything like Kaidoh. He's so very, very smart -- smarter than Inui, smarter than Hermione, smarter than Shikamaru -- that he has no idea how to relate to anyone else. I think writing him will be a *lot* of fun, once I can just get started. Maybe at the weekend.

Was THE episode you were talking about the one where he goes to Musashi no Mori?

It was. :) How I love it. When he abducts that student and steals his clothes! And all the convo with Shibusawa. Mmm, I ship them. Keeper x Keeper.

Oh, and lots of yummy Fuwa art here: http://mkonan.at.infoseek.co.jp/whistle/gallery/index.htm

My Kaidou-muse and the developing Fuwa-muse have been plotting this elaborate cross-over

Crack! *g* If you do write it, there must be a scene where Fuwa corrects Inui and makes him mad.

o.O Oshitari and Ohtori? Weird combination. *laughs* Cool picture, though. ^_^

Ooooh, I hadn't thought of having Fuwa correct Inui. That would piss him off to no end. *giggles*

Ack! What am I saying? *plugs ears and goes 'lalala!'* Don't feed the muses, damn it! *headdesks* They're enough trouble on their own without outside encouragement. I have too many other things to write! >.

No, that's Atobe with Ohtori. I know it's hard to tell in side view. :) In the Hyotei mansion, Ohtori is with Shishido (obviously -- and they are sickeningly sweet with each other, always giving each other roses) and Atobe is with Oshitari (and Hiyoshi with Kabaji, but that happened without my interference).

Also, Fuwa could get into a fight with Momo and then Kaidoh would be all conflicted over who he wants to win. *g*

Erk. Since I do not have the fonts installed on my computer, that webpage is total gibberish to me. >.< I shall have to poke around.

Yeah, just look for the links. It's pretty much all Fuwa on that page, paired with various of the others.

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