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You can call me Hal.

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An important announcement
winged monkeys
You can write "everybody's gay" or you can write "oh my god, I'm gay, angst, angst, angst, swallow" but you cannot write both in the same story unless it is a parody.

Or so the law will be when I'm god-emperor.

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Harry: Oh my god, I'm gay! ANGST, ANGST, ANGST, SWALLOW!!!

Snape: Everybody's gay. Deal.

Hermione: African swallow or European swallow?

You do mean swallow literally, don't you?

As in "spit or swallow", yes.

How do African's swallow?

Any way they want

Very carefully

...I got nothing.

but you cannot write both in the same story unless it is a parody.

Hey, would you write that? Um, please?

I'll have to wait until everyone's forgotten about this post, or it won't be as funny. *g*

Hermione and Ginny: ::Snuggles:: We're having a baby and naming her Artemis.

Harry: I can't get a date because everybody's gay! ANGST!

Millicent Bulstrode: You can always date me, Harry--we'll have tall children.

Harry: OMG, I'm gay, too!

Hee! Poor Harry. And I always wanted Hermione/Millicent ever since the wrestling scene.

That parody has real potential.

I'll put it in the jar.

(Deleted comment)
Harry: "oh my god, I'm gay, angst, angst, angst. Ginny. Go to bed with me. Make me straight."

Ginny: "Sorry. Gay."

Harry: "Hermione?"

Hermione: "Gay."

Harry: "Lavender and Parvati?"

Lavender and Parvati: "Duh."

Harry: "... anybody?"

Ron, Seamus, Dean, Neville, the entire male side of the Weasley family, Lupin, Snape, and Nearly Headless Nick: "Me! Me! Pick me!"

It's so true, isn't it? The gay underbelly of the wizarding world.

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