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You can call me Hal.

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Naruto 126
Are they trying to fucking kill us?

When I saw Zabuza and Haku, I paused the file and started to cry. Christ.

What an interesting parallel between them and Orochimaru and Kimimaru. I like Kimimaru so much, even though his power is so dorky. His eyes are so sad. I wish we'd got to know him earlier.

And when Naruto was walking over the water and his reflection was Sasuke -- wow, brilliant. The show is just getting better and better.

I think I'm almost, almost at a place where I could ship Naruto and Sasuke. I never could before. I think I'll have to wait until their fight is over to know for sure.

When I first watched Naruto, I almost gave up on it after two episodes. It seemed like a stupid show for eight year olds. But the thing that made me think there might be something more there was the first ending theme, Wind by Akeboshi, and the lovely, wistful animation that accompanied it. There was such sadness and longing in it and so I thought that maybe that would come out in the show eventually. And it did. I'm glad I stuck with it.

And the promo at the end for the Emotional Last Episode of tenipuri. *sigh* I'm still not ready.

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I know how you feel.

*sniff* They're so cruel and so kind.

I have not been watching the current storyarc in the anime because the same storyarc nearly broke me in the manga. From the reactions on my friendslist I've been seeing, I think I'm going to have to watch it. (Zabuza and Haku? Oh, my god, my heart. I still don't think I can handle the actual Naruto/Sasuke fight, though.)

The "Wind" animation kills me. "Naruto" does loneliness better than anything else.

I haven't been reading scanlations, though I'm picking up the volumes from Viz as they come out. I know I probably should be, but I just don't have the time.

Zabuza and Haku? Oh, my god, my heart.

Exactly. I'm still sad. *sigh*

I shipped Naruto and Sasuke from, like, episode 2. And Zabuza and Haku made me all sniffly as well. Although if Kimimaru and Haku were about the same age when they passed each other then wow did Kikimaru mature fast. :P

And prince of tennis is ending? I'm so out of touch with the fandom, I didn't even know it was coming up.

I certainly saw the potential for Naruto/Sasuke from the beginning. I think I'm just waiting for Naruto to be mature enough for it.

And prince of tennis is ending?

Yes, this week's episode is the last. They're not even to nationals yet. The manga is ongoing though. I must start getting the scanlations now somehow. And hopefully there will be OVAs.

It's been the wierdest thing -- rumours upon rumours for a few months, but nothing confirmed until week or two ago. And other, even stranger rumours about TV Tokyo saying that if the series *was* ending, it was the fault of the fangirls for pissing off the sponsors or some such. Nobody seems to know the right of it.

The last three weeks have been the most insane TezuFuji fanservice retcon, which I found a little disturbing, given my TezuRyo OTP-ness.

gah. That ep is what finally broke me and made me go hunt down manga scanlations. I'm actually really glad I did because the art is *great* and the flow is much tighter w/out the reused material and extra flashbacks.

I can kinda understand where you are with shipping Sasuke and Naruto... it's a bit of a Xeno's pardox thingy with me as well. (wonder how it'll go when I actually catch up in the manga to where they are in the anime...)

I imagine the manga is better -- it always is. I'm picking it up from Viz, but not grabbing scanlations. I suppose I should be, but no time.

Re Sasuke and Naruto, I needed them to grow up a little. (And I'm not sure how old they are now, but weren't they around 11 or 12 when the series started?) I think they're almost there.

Oh, yes, there's the age thing as well. And these kids actually seem their ages to me (unlike tenipuri).

So. I finished all there is so far of the manga.


Be interested to hear your thoughts on this arc when the anime finishes it.

A lot of people say that about Naruto - that they don't think it's any good at first, but once they get through the first few episodes, suddenly they find themselves hooked. That's what happened to me, for sure.

That moment where Zabuza and Haku showed up nearly killed me, too. I MISS Haku!

I love Naruto and Sasuke together, especially since askerian gave me a link to all the translated manga. She writes FANTASTIC Team 7 fics, with all three of them together more often than not, though she's done some Naruto/Sasuke stuff too. I adore her Kyuubi!Naruto, and she's the one who made me admit that, written properly, Sakura could be a fun character. (And her Neji ROCKS. So does her Kiba. ^_^) If you decide you're interested in them, I definitely recommend her fics! She writes from the manga, though, so she's a bit ahead of the anime and slightly spoiler-ish.

Though the anime is about to catch up to the manga, and I'm not sure what's going to happen at that point. o.O

And... you don't mean LAST last episode of Tenipuri, surely? *wibbles* But... but I'm only about ten episodes behind, and they haven't even STARTED the Nationals yet, how can the show almost be OVER???

Thanks! I'm not really at the point where I want to read Naruto fic, though. I'm not sure why -- I've been watching it as long as I've been watching tenipuri. It just hasn't been a fic fandom for me.

And when I say LAST, I mean LAST. *sniff* And, no, they're not at Nationals yet. We can only hope for an OVA. Of course the manga is ongoing -- I really need to figure out where I can start getting the scanlations.

Like I said to zero_sleep above, it's been so strange -- all rumours about the show ending, no confirmation until just a few weeks ago.

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