Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Naruto 126

Are they trying to fucking kill us?

When I saw Zabuza and Haku, I paused the file and started to cry. Christ.

What an interesting parallel between them and Orochimaru and Kimimaru. I like Kimimaru so much, even though his power is so dorky. His eyes are so sad. I wish we'd got to know him earlier.

And when Naruto was walking over the water and his reflection was Sasuke -- wow, brilliant. The show is just getting better and better.

I think I'm almost, almost at a place where I could ship Naruto and Sasuke. I never could before. I think I'll have to wait until their fight is over to know for sure.

When I first watched Naruto, I almost gave up on it after two episodes. It seemed like a stupid show for eight year olds. But the thing that made me think there might be something more there was the first ending theme, Wind by Akeboshi, and the lovely, wistful animation that accompanied it. There was such sadness and longing in it and so I thought that maybe that would come out in the show eventually. And it did. I'm glad I stuck with it.

And the promo at the end for the Emotional Last Episode of tenipuri. *sigh* I'm still not ready.
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