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Fell in love with the girl at the rock show.

For some reason, some people thought my last post indicated I had been drinking. I can't imagine why! Anyhow, whatever I had been doing, it put me in the mood for cheesecake, so we fired up the Charlie's Angels movie.

I love that movie. It's just so gratuitous. I think the only people in the film I wouldn't make out with in the backseat of a car are Bill Murray and Cameron Diaz. Everyone else, for sure. Especially Drew Barrymore. And Lucy Liu. And Sam Rockwell. And Crispin Glover. And Drew Barrymore.

I remember when I saw the film in the theatre for the first time. I just sat there for 90 minutes with my mouth hanging open. All I could think was: This is what it must feel like to be a fourteen year old boy. So much hotness.

One thing that always irks me, though, is the scene where Drew takes on all those toughs and tells them that at the end of the fight, they'll all be face down on the floor and she'll moonwalk out of there. After she beats them up, they play a few bars from Billie Jean and she kind of dances backwards. But it's no goddamn moonwalk. I'm not sure why it bothers me so much. Maybe because it harkens back to my high school days. *g*

Since we're on the topic, here are a bunch of clips of Michael Jackson moonwalking: http://www.compfused.com/directlink/525/
It's the coolest move ever. It doesn't even look real.

And talking of cool things involving Michael Jackson, here's a LEGO version of the Thriller video: http://www.koreus.com/files/200408/lego_thriller.html
And the original to compare it to: http://stream.qtv.apple.com/events/oct/mjackson/thriller_ref.mov

OK, enough 80s MJ nostalgia.

Maybe some 80s Boy George nostalgia instead? Did you ever see the A-Team episode he was on? Where Murdock was in drag?

I swear, I'm sober now.
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