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You can call me Hal.

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There are sweet geeks and there are annoying geeks...
I just got some email about my RL website:

You're a female!!! That likes computers!!!

Dear god. I'd better not tell him that I was slashdotted once or he'll track me down and beg to lick my boots.

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I do love 'em, but them annoying geeks do give the sweet fellas a bad name.

I know! Fortunately, I know a lot of sweet ones. Including me. *g*

That's kind of creepy. o_o;

I get these every once in a while, but this one was just so funny I had to share it.

I didn't realize we were so rare.

We're not, that's the thing. But I think I'm just as glad he doesn't know that.

That reminds me of one guy in my workplace who, after I returned from a leave of absence, was all excited about my being back. "You're back? You're back for good? You're not leaving again?" I said, "Yes, I'm back for good now." "That's great! We need more geeks around here!"

That icon is just fantastic.

I had a quote in Wired once and netted pseudo-jealous mail from the inventor of the iBrator spoof . . .

you were slashdotted? *suppresses geekly squee*

I was! Fortunately, I was working for an ISP at the time and they were hosting my site for free so I didn't have to pay for extra bandwidth. Also the site didn't go down.

Mmm, your Doc Martens are SO delicious.

If you tell him that you regularly boot into the shell because you prefer command-line prompts, his pants might explode.

Sorry, I mainly got sucked in by the icon.

ICON!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!



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