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You can call me Hal.

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The course of true love never did run smooth.
Watched the AO sub of PoT 145 at the weekend. Two things:

* Am I the only one who mentally finishes every Tezuka-Ryoma conversation with Tezuka saying, "Now give Daddy some sugar"?

* I so wanted to see Akutsu and Tezuka fight. But that would have resulted in Tezuka's ass being kicked and we can't have that, can we?

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*snickering* You're the only one I know who uses just that term, but the sentiment is, indeed, familiar.

*thoughtful* I think Tezuka could put up a decent fight; surely grandfather's taught him some Judo over the years. That would be pretty, in a bloody kind of way, wouldn't it?

It would be pretty, it would be bloody, it would be a good fight for both of them, but I think Akutsu would win. Just that's what he does.

And now I'm picturing Ryoma and Taichi watching the fight. *g*

*sends waves of mojo in your direction* writeficwriteficwritefic

Come on. You have neat bullet points there. You can just write one first, then the other. XD Am so looking forward to watch a batch of PoT once I am back. ^_^

Hee! I have mojo, but for a different story entirely, which came upon me in the night and kept me awake. If only I had time for all the bullet points. *sigh*. I'm the one who needs a sugar daddy, not Ryoma.

"Now give Daddy some sugar"?


sounds a little too "in da hood", but not unpleasantly so. maybe you should write a drabble?

*g* Maybe I should at that.

Tezuka does give off that "I'm a salary man engaging in compensated dating with this very very underage boy" vibe, doesn't he? I can't quite see him brawling, though...unless he was completely drunk (keeping with the salaryman theme) maybe...

Drunken Tezuka -- now that would be a sight to see.

"* Am I the only one who mentally finishes every Tezuka-Ryoma conversation with Tezuka saying, "Now give Daddy some sugar"?"

Omg thats hillarious x3 so kawaii yet hillarious

Akutsu would go anal on Tezuka o.X

Akutsu is love. An unhealthy love, but love nonetheless. *g*

Now you realize I will have to rewatch all episodes to see if that works for me?

Also, I have gotten your emails, and once I sleep and put my brain to work (my disks have not yet arrived in the mail! I am diskless! It's all up to my poor brain!), I will get thoughts back to you. Am v. excited to see what develops.

*laugh* Rewatching anipuri! What a chore!

And good luck with all the stuff I threw at you. *g* If you have a chance to get back to me before Friday, that would be great since I leave on vac then and I don't know if I'll be online or not while I'm away. I can ponder stupid Momoshiro while my inlaws are talking about people I don't know.

I mailed the SGA on Saturday, but it wouldn't have gone out until today. I sent it airmail, so I hope it won't take long to arrive.

Anyhow, Atlantis is so five minutes ago. Doctor Who is the new flavour. *g*

Heh, watching PoT is NEVAH a chore.

I am going to do my best to get back to you tonight, as I have NO TIME on Friday what with errands and potential job interviews and such. Hopefully my thoughts and encouragement will spur you on to write pages and pages while on vacation.

Yay for SGA! I am so excited I can't even express it textually. Also, my last boxes finally arrived, so I should be putting HnG in the mail to you by Saturday! I'll let you know when your package arrives.

Hmm, Doctor Who. I missed that the first time around, as I was not sentient yet. Tell me why it is so fabulous? Like I need another fandom?

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