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You can call me Hal.

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Interesting post and subsequent discussion on justacat's LJ about tolerance in fandom, most specifically about fanfic quality. Go read, think, and weigh in: http://www.livejournal.com/users/justacat/37043.html

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I didn't finish reading the many many replies to her post because I think it's been said before. Threads like this just crop up again and again, and it's fascinating as a point for contention because it's something you see outside fandom, outside the 'net.

You know, this issue about tolerance reminds me of something we learn quite early on during social engineering national education classes. I'm not sure how much you know about Singapore, exactly.

Tolerance is not quite enough, it's acceptance that's needed. You tolerate something, the repressed...distaste? it's just going to build up. And the idea of "tolerance" carries this connotation of self-righteousness that I find more offensive than intolerance. At least the latter is honest.

Personally I think it's difficult to come up with a workable set of rules about what one should and should not say in fandom, because it's about interaction, and that's very plastic.

If these arguments are coming up again and again, maybe it's time to look at it from another angle?

I think these arguments are coming up again and again because:

1) It's human nature to not like being criticized.
2) Religious and social teaching instructs us to always be kind
3) It is not human nature to always be kind

Which means there will never be a reasonable solution because it's basic social law vs. basic human nature. The Nice Folk won't hurt anybody's feelings, and the Mean Folk won't tolerate being stifled. The worst part is, they're both right.

Gah. That made me angry. And irritated. I hate it when people equate being a good person with being nice to everyone. And really hate it when people pull out the "gay, black, jew" card in relation to bad fic. You see, if you beleive strongly enough in any religion, have a skin colour (any colour) or are of any sexual orientation, well, to be a sarcastic cow, I doubt your beta or your spellchecker is going to be able to change it.

*glares and stomps*

I have to admit, what catches my attention most is the constant equation of "polite" with "nice" in the comments. *shakes head* Maybe it's just culture clash from my own corner of academia, but my first association with "extremely polite" is "about to break out the skinning knives". Nice has nothing to do with it.

Oh well said!

*grins from ear to ear and pulls out a nice, sharp ceramic knife*

*chuckling* I find it very satisfying to do it with courtesy.

I have to admit, I am a proponent of niceness toward the apparently-well-intentioned. Or even the innocently clueless. I'm also a proponent of courtesy at all times, in public. It just amuses me when the assumption is made that this means I'll always be nice in public. *snorts*

I'm no yob myself. People who know me well know that I am at my worst with a smile on my face and an extremely calm voice. Then, you much FEAR ME. *MUHAAHAAA HAA HAAA*

Plus, at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with being polite and truthful. Saying "This story has an interesting premise, but could you explain the characterization here... how the plot jumps from here to here..... or how you intended the word "wtsdgtdf" to be interpreted in the sentance here..."

It is not exactly like telling someone "Your story is bad. Haa haa haa. You are awful and I have to burn you at the stake (or steak, if you're feeling hungry)". Or, as the poster JaC said, neither is it like saying "You are black, and hence evil."

Hmm. I'm not making sense. And definitely procrastinating!

I'm being too damn diplomatic about this.

There's a universe of difference between intolerance of what a person is and what a person does. To equate the two, or at the least to expect the same treatment of all people in all cases isn't just unrealistic, it's obnoxious.

We have pompous fic divas with puling fan bases who attack en masse anyone who criticizes their precious icon precisely because nobody took said diva to the woodshed earlier on. We have created our own monsters. Feh.

I'm gonna crosspost this, because it's irking me.

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