Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

PoT manga questions

Got smacked upside the head last night with a story idea I'm going to try to get out before I leave for vac on Friday. (We'll see how that goes.) And I think it might work better with manga canon than anime canon, but I'm not up on the recent manga stuff. (That's a task for when I get back.)

1. What happened with the recent ranking matches and Oishi? I know there was something, but I was trying to avoid spoilers. Now I need to be spoiled. :)

2. Do we have any idea who the buchou and fukobuchou were when the present third-years were in second year? I've seen Tezuka-fukobuchou in a lot of fanfic, but I don't know if that's founded on any canon.

3. This is actually an anime question, but does anyone remember what episode (or even just story arc) it was where we saw Inui, I think in second year, taking Tezuka's data and then having a convo with Oishi about it? They talked about Oishi and Tezuka having a match.

4. Fanfic!Oishi always heads off to medical school. Is that just fanon or is it based on some canon ambition of his?

I think that's all. It's difficult when you suddenly have to write a character you haven't really focused on before this. Now I'm all unsure about details.
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