Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Rants and crit.

I'm not going to reply to the comments on the post where I linked to the tolerance discussion -- I didn't mean to start any discussion in my own LJ about it. I did comment on the linked post, so if you want my thoughts on the subject, go there. (Should have just disabled the comments on that one, I think.)

But I did want to expand on something that I said there, which is the difference between ranting and criticism.

Ranting has a strong emotional component, which is usually frustration. It's something that builds up in your gut until you have to blow off steam. Criticism is generally less emotional, and if it is emotional, it might even be an enjoyable feeling, like strong interest or enjoyment. (Not always, obviously.)

Ranting excludes the subject of the rant from the group the ranter belongs to. It's about saying: this person or these people don't belong with me. Criticism is more neutral, or might even be inclusive. Serious crit implies interest in the subject.

Ranting has an inflammatory tone. It's about getting worked up and getting others worked up too. Criticism is about making people think, which is harder to do if you're worked up. So it tends have have a neutral tone.

Ranting seeks agreement, the "amen!". Criticism seeks discussion, whether agreeing or dissenting.

And, of course: You rant. I criticize. *g*

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