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Icon and The Doctor

Item One: This Icon

Last night I was reading through some of the tenipuri manga scanlations I have, trying to get a feel for that atmosphere (as opposed to the anime). And I came across this drawing of Kaidoh, from his Rokkaku match. Oh, I sighed, he's so lovely. So there was nothing for it but to make a red-figure kalos cup icon.

I spent a bunch time erasing around Kaidoh, to remove Momoshiro and some other junk. Then I filled the background with black. I added a layer of dark orange on the top and set it to linear burn to give it a bit of a red-figure look. I saved a copy, so I'd have one to edit, then flattened the layers and resized to 100x100. I used Unsharp Mask to sharpen it up a bit. Then I scammed a pattern called Greek Key off of a photo of a 1960's coffeepot for the top and bottom. I should have used it as a tracing guide so it would be handdrawn, but I was too lazy.

I thought about using a Greek font for the inscription, but I figured that had better be handdrawn. Only it looked terrible every time I tried, because I am not that graceful and it's hard to write text with a mouse. So I found a photo of the inscription I wanted and traced it in Illustrator, moved the characters closer together so they'd fit, then copied it into my Photoshop file. And I was done!

The inscription, HO PAIS KALOS, is found fairly often on vases and cups. It means "the boy is beautiful". You'll also see quite a lot of "so and so kalos" (I think they even found a cup or two with "Alkibiades kalos" on them) and I did ponder using KAIDW KALOS but I decided I liked this better.

Item Two: Doctor Who

I was ticked off to discover that the CBC premiere of Doctor Who isn't until next week. I was okay with being a few days behind the BBC releases but when it's over a week, it effectively cuts me off from any episode discussion. Unless I download it and I was going to be all good this time around and watch it on TV.

But I did download the premiere, because I'm on holidays next week. What fun!

I must confess that I've never had much chance to watch any of the other Doctor Who series, but I've seen bits here and there. Somehow, I feel like a failure as a geek because of that, but oh well.

I really enjoyed it a lot. Christopher Eccleston was awesome, so very frantic. I liked his stripped-down look as opposed to other Doctors. It makes his weirdness more of a shock. *g* I liked Rose a lot too. She kicked ass.

The colours were so bright! I think I must have been watching a lot of TV with muted tones lately (hmm, BSG?) because this felt like it was going to pop right off the screen, it was so vivid. Awesome.

I thought the effects were a nice balance between cheesy and the amazing power of current technology. It felt like they were saying, we could do this more realistically, but we don't want to. And it worked.

I look forward to more.

Item Three: Trailer Park Boys

New season starts in April. Yes.
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