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You can call me Hal.

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Finding time to write.
Being bemused but having no time to write is painful. It feels like unrequited love. (Or maybe unrequited like.) And I'm not sure when I'll have time to start, as I'm busy until Friday and then I leave on vacation. Maybe I can get some time to myself while we're away. I just hope I don't lose the story before then.

What do you do in this kind of situation? I can't write in a notebook at the pub very easily, so I usually do all my writing at home.

Confidential to E: Help me out here! I'm sorry I forgot about you last week.

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I get that all the time, as most of my ideas come to me when I am travelling. I scribble down short notes - important plot points, fragments of conversation and such on a notebook or scrap paperand hope they make sense later.

I have the notes -- it's more the inspiration I fear I'll lose, the *need* to write it down. I guess I'll just have to make time.

Dude. I hear you. For the last eight months, due to my job, I have about two hours of free time per day during the week. In which I need to do things like laundry and bills and archive maintenance and such.

I've had to start scribbling at lunch, at stop lights, while in the grocery store, and when friends go to the bathroom at the pub. This is why I have a tiny Mead Five Star "Fat Lil' Notebook" -- 'cause you can usually hide it inside a small purse.

I admire your work ethic. :) I think I'm going to try to force myself to write this out longhand and see how it goes. I suppose the worst that can happen is it will suck.

I haven't had time to write for a whole year. Sigh. It kind of sucks but then again you do at least give the writing side of your brain a chance to rest. And I have 3 whole novels I just play with in my head. Now, who knows whether all this intensive head time will mean that a) I one day end up writing a fabulously detailed novel or b) I get so bored with having essentially written it in my head that I can't actually be bothered to write it out for real.

Wish I had more useful advice...

It's b that I fear. It's happened to me with other stories. Gah.

Sometimes it works if I just replay the scene that's caused the impetus over in my head. Try twisting it a little, or work on the dialogue, or take it a step further or a step back.

That usually keeps me on the edge to write it.

I just keep repeating the scenes over and over in my head until I get to a computer where I can write them down. Sometimes I even come up with better ideas this way. *hugs* Have a good vacation!

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