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And it's done. Last episode of Prince of Tennis. I didn't cry, but I did feel all wistful.

* I love, love, loved Eiji's impressions of all the regulars. I think that was the best part of the ep.

* Poor Kevin. "I love you, Ryoma," he said. "Don't leave me." "My heart belongs to buchou," Ryoma said and walked away.

* Faaaaaaaaaaanservice! I won't bother to cap, since Shower!Atobe is all over LJ by now. How sweet of them to think of us!

* "Echizen."
"Oh, buchou!"
Ryuzaki-sensei: "I think you'll need a ref...Oh, god. Get a room!" *sporks herself*

* The most cracked-out game effects EVER! Video games and gay tennis rainbows. Plus new music. Woohoo!

* Aw, Momo and Kaidoh snuggled so close together. They're too enthralled by the game to remember to deny their feelings!

* When Ryoma thanked each of the regulars... *sniff*

* The clasp of their hands! They're engaged now!

* Cry, Tezuka, please cry. Is that a tear? A reflection? An artifact in the video? God, I wish I knew what he was saying. Something about the pillar of Seigaku.

* Buchou is smiling. Ryoma has never looked this happy. Oh, sweeties. Your love is so what this show was all about from beginning to end.

* Yukimura! Trashtalking with Tezuka! Want OVA now, now, now!

* Ryoma and Lleyton Hewitt? Shyah, right.

* And that's it.

Last year, when I got into PoT, I would sometimes listen to this song and angst about the series ending, even though it hardly seemed possible at that point. But I knew it had to end someday. And now that day has come. So, download, listen, and sigh with me.

The Spirit of this Place (Core of Soul) (translation)
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