Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Vacation update

On the plane:

Hal: So, in Prince of Tennis year 2...

Boy: Momo transfers to Fudomine so he can be part of Tachibana An's Boy Toys.

Hal: Fair enough. But then who is fukobuchou at Seigaku?

Boy: Horio.

Hal: Ryuzaki-sensei is more sadistic than Fuji.

At the resort, day 1:

Wireless internet! EmailLJBittorrentFicWhee!!! Also, microbrew.

At the resort, day 2:

iBook logic board failure. Despair. Briefly using in-laws laptop to post and check email. Considering going out and buying own iBook (the other one is the Boy's) if available.

But still, microbrew.
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