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You can call me Hal.

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Take me home.
Sill on vac. Bored silly. Send help laptop.

But I'm getting a lot of reading done. I'm re-reading From Hell, that amazing graphic novel about Jack the Ripper by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell. The first time I read it, I didn't realise there were extensive notes at the end. So this time I've got two bookmarks.

A few tidbits from the notes that interested me:

* Queen Boudicca (Boadicea) is rumoured to be buried under platform 10 (or 9 or 11) at Kings Cross station. It seems like something that should come up in HP fanfic sometime.

* A mummy (plus case) of a female musician from the court of the Princess of Thebes arrived in London in 1988. It's apparently one of the most famous "cursed" mummy cases and death and destruction appeared to follow it. It ended up at the British Museum. Sir Ernest Budge (who must the be Budge Daniel mentioned once on Stargate and several million times in fanfiction), the keeper of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum between 1893 and 1924, was reported to say, "Never print what I say in my lifetime, but that mummy-case caused the War."

And everything about the Masons is tantalizing.

In other news, we watched Queer Eye for the Straight Guy for the first time this week. (I think it airs where I usually am; I've just never made the effort before.) I really liked it. And it's now the Boy's new favourite show. Though he keeps trying to say that it's my new favourite show that he just watches with me to be nice.

I think I enjoy it in the same way I enjoy Iron Chef: A lot of manic activity, flamboyance, humour, and a mystery ingredient that's got to be made into something gourmet. Though none of them are as cool as Kaga. They're pretty cool, though. My fave is Ted. The Boy's is Thom. He says Thom reminds him of Major Sheppard from SGA. I don't exactly see it myself. Which one of us is right?

I just saw something labeled slashsafe. Do you suppse that means "free of slash" or "no icky het"? I couldn't really tell from the content.

I've been sort of skimming LJ this week, but not really engaging, particularly with fic. Le sigh. At least I won't be at Skip 900 when I get home. It will take all my free time just to catch up with yaoi_daily!

And now back to recreating.

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Actually I believe there's a 'Wallace Budge' who wrote texts or essays or something on Egypt, so that might be the Budge referred to in Stargate. He's known for being boring as all hell. *laughs* Might be a relative, too. ^_^

I'd send my laptop (I'm not even using it right now, too busy painting >.<) but I never let it out of my posession. *clings to it fiercely* Hope your vacation isn't THAT boring!

He gets mentioned a lot in Elizabeth Peters' books too. The poor man is definitely not remembered fondly.

I think it's the same guy: Ernest Alfred Wallis Budge. I shall google him at more length later on.

I'm just very mentally unstimulated right now. Usually I'm almost frantically busy and thinking all the time. I can't deal with all this mental leisure!

What kind of painting are you doing? Pictures or walls?

Ah, yes, it probably is the same guy, then. ^_^

Painting walls. Lots of walls. We were informed on March 1st that the house we're living in now is going to be torn down... we took posession of our lovely new apartment on April 1st, but we don't leave this house until May 1st, so we're taking the opportunity to paint and such while we're not actually living there. Of course, we're paying double rent this month, and this house is ALREADY expensive when it's just us paying rent with no housemates, so... >.<

I DID take my laptop with me on my last vacation - bought it almost specifically for that purpose, in fact. Spent most of the vacation writing, and the rest of it watching anime we'd burned onto CD. ^_^ I'd never have finished Redemption if not for that vacation!

Three cheers for Ted! He's my favourite also - cute, down-to-earth, and a cook. *g*

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