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You can call me Hal.

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Words not to use.
I saw a sign today on a beauty salon for "human hair extensions".

Is it just me or does the phrase "human hair" make you think of serial killers? Maybe that's how the salon owner gets the extensions in the first place. That or grave-robbing.

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(Deleted comment)
Something to do with olive oil, perhaps? At least one would hope... ::cringes::

And yes, I am kidding. That "virgin italian hair" is wrecking havoc in my brain... so many possibilities (aside from the "obvious" one)!

LeePenis? Is that anything like Lee Press-on Nails? That'd make it kind of a Snap-on Tool, wouldn't it? (g)

I'm thinking there's some sort of sacrifice involved. *g*

(Deleted comment)
There is a convenience store just across the street. Hmm...

"Donnie Pfaster, Proprietor"

You took the words right out of my mouth. *shudders*

What a wonderfully evil little bunny icon you have!

Oh my god, you're so right. Now I half want to go in there and see if it's him.

I'd dare you to, but it's more fun to speculate. Reality would be disappointing.

Not strictly on topic...

I read an article yesterday about some dude at Princeton who made a habit of snipping locks of hair off of unsuspecting Asian women and/or pouring his personal fluids into their beverages.

The article said he did it more than 60 times, which makes me think he confessed. I certainly hope they weren't just observing for as long as it took him to do it that many times.

Re: Not strictly on topic...

Precious bodily fluids. Oh, god.

Re: Not strictly on topic...

Sixty times!

I picture them asking him and him responding like Rain Man when the doctor asks him how much a candy bar costs and he says "About a hundred dollars."

He could be low-balling them for all we know. No pun intended.

I've looked up human hair on ebay before, out of pure random curiosity, and have decided that should I ever decide to cut mine, I'm putting it on ebay.

People pay 40+ dollars for 10 inch ponytails. I am not kidding.

Soylent Green is people!

In Phoenix, on 19th Avenue near Indian School Road, there is a carnicería (butcher shop) right next to a funeral home.

Re: Soylent Green is people!

Beware the sausages!

An unexpected treatise

As a hair user, I can explain it all, but I'm not sure it'll be scintillating reading.

Human hair is preferable to synthetic hair because you can style it (particularly using heat). You can color and perm it too. It's heavier than synthetic hair, though, and doesn't last as long. It's also much more expensive. Human hair generally tends to just lie where it's placed, whereas synthetic hair usually has some form of crimping or "perma-tease" at the roots to give it body. This is both a plus and a minus, depending on the look you want.

Italian Hair is a phrase often used to describe a particular texture of hair. For instance, there's also Asian hair and Afro hair, each of which has a different coarseness and texture.

Virgin hair is the best you can get because it's never been chemically treated, which means it's usually in much better condition and will last you longer. It also usually provides a much prettier end result.

I've been dealing with the hassle of hairpieces and wigs for so long, the phrase "human hair" has a totally different meaning for me; when I see it, I think "AIEEE PRICEY". Two identical pieces made of different hair will cost very different amounts; an integration piece I purchased last year was only $39 for synthetic, but $79 (on sale) in human hair.

I wish to God I didn't have to know all this shit.

Re: An unexpected treatise

What do you do, that you need all this hair knowledge? I totally get that human hair can be better for this sort of thing. It's just the connotation of the phrase that's so creepy!

Also, "hair user" is pretty creepy too. *edges away*

Re: An unexpected treatise

OMG HAIRISM! I'm being discriminated against! ;-)

I use it because I need it. 'Nuff said.

Context and experience are such interesting little beasts. I tried thinking of "human hair" as a creepy thing, but again, all that came into my head was "damn, so expensive". Hee.

Well, it didn't make me think that before. Though thinking of people going in there and buying hair that used to belong to someone else has always disturbed me.

Also, did the package ever arrive? Our post office guy said it'd take about a week, but I'm not sure if I should trust him.

The package arrived yesterday! Emailing you about it is on the list of things to do. *g* Thank you! I hope to dive in this weekend.

Yay! And no pressure about emailing me. Just enjoy the disks--I know I am.

*puts SGA disk in computer for third watching*

That's...a disturbing line of thought.

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