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ML Fic: Two Hundred Strokes

Here's a bijou snippette that I originally posted in comments for lysapadin. (I hope you don't mind me sharing.)

It's for Meine Liebe, which is the most gratuitous anime ever. There's not much plot and even less actual animation. It's basically just boys so pretty it will make your teeth hurt (except for Naoji -- Naoji is just pretty enough) and seiyuus so sexy you'll slide right off the chair.

And Shining Fansubs has started subbing ML again. Eps 7 & 8 are subbed so far, so put them in your download queue.

Two Hundred Strokes by Halrloprillalar
Meine Liebe, Ludwig/Naoji, PG, 370 words.
Missing scene from episode 5, Hauteur.

Naoji set down his teacup. "Lui," he said. "May I?"

Ludwig didn't speak, but he left the window and crossed the room, his dressing gown flowing around him. He sat down on the low stool by the dressing table and Naoji came to stand behind him.

"Thank you," Naoji said and picked up the brush. He drew it through Ludwig's hair, beginning at the ends and gently working through the few small knots there.

He ran his hand down after the brush, letting the strands slip between his fingers. Ludwig's hair was soft, but not overly fine. If it were not so long, it would curl, Naoji could tell. Even at this length, it waved and rippled, like the swirl of Ludwig's cloak when he turned around.

When there were no more tangles, Naoji began the long strokes, crown to tip, two hundred times. The room was quiet and Naoji could hear the rustle of the brush against the hair, the sigh of Ludwig's breath, the beating of his own heart.

Ludwig's hair shone in the warm light and Naoji wanted, as he always did, to bury his face in it, to wrap it around his throat as he leaned on Ludwig's chest. He looked up, into the mirror, and their eyes met. Ludwig was solemn, guarded, and Naoji wondered what was in his heart.

"I won't be able to do this for you when you are married," Naoji said, and looked away. His fingers trembled and he forced himself to steady them.

"Perhaps not," Ludwig said and turned around. He reached out his hand and rested it against Naoji's cheek. Then he rose, dizzyingly close. "I will miss it."

They stood together for a moment, the blood thrumming in Naoji's ears and beating in his throat. Naoji wondered if he would lose his balance and fall against Ludwig, if his knees would buckle and drop him to the floor.

Ludwig's thumb stroked once against Naoji's cheek, just catching the corner of his mouth. Then he took his hand away and walked back to the window, looking out into the darkness.

Naoji watched him for a minute. Then he gathered up the tea things. "Good night," he said, and let himself out.
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