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You can call me Hal.

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On the subject of me.
kaidoh hufflepuff
OK, lots of smart things in my brain today to share with you. I just have to get them into BBEdit somehow. Let's see, maybe there's some sort of USB or Firewire port in the back of my head... No, nothing there. Maybe if I just concentrate really hard... Well, that didn't work either. If only there were another way!

Instead, then: Hufflepuff Kaidoh icon (nobody can have too many Kaidoh icons) and Bag Check.

1. Roots backpack. Small, so I don't carry around too much stuff and kill my back.

2. J. Jonah Jameson Lego keychain. 'nuff said.

3. MP3 CD with the playlist for the massive story I'm meant to be working on. At least I'm playing the music.

4. Cool bandana with Mugen, Jin, and Fuu. I got it in the first Samurai Champloo DVD. I doubt I'll need to wear it though, since I've grown my hair out past the #2 clipper cut stage this year.

5. Season 1 of Degrassi Junior High on DVD!!!

6. Nalgene water bottle. For drinking.

7. Case with all my various medication, toiletries, and other stuff.

8. Gum for after-lunch breath-freshening.

9. Kleenex. Allergy season is over for me now, thank goodness.

10. Notebook for writing down fic ideas when I'm in the pub drinking beer. After two pints, I have to stop because I can no longer write legibly. (My writing is terrible even when I'm sober.)

11. Pen for writing in notebook. Black ink because blue ink sucks.

12. Reading book. The Dispossessed by Ursula K. LeGuin. My second time through. The term "reading book" comes from my junior high days, when we had a 20 minute reading period at the beginning of each day. People would say, "Do you have your reading book?" So to me, my reading book is the one I carry around with me for bus rides and lunch hours.

13. My wallet. Full of ATM receipts and empty Starbucks cards.

14. Acetaminophen with codeine. For migraines. It won't fit in my toiletries case with all the other stuff. I forgot to put this on its side for the photo.

What's in your bag?

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I'm not going to do a photo. I'd just pout when it didn't come out as spiffily as yours.

I have two bags -- the gym bag and the other one. Today I carried the gym bag, so let's talk about that. At this very moment, it contains:

1. Shiny chartreuse-green toiletry case, labeled "Stuff", with travel-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and hair gel (which I never use now that my hair's long). Also contains travel-size armpit juice (deodorant/antiperspirant to people who are not Shapiros), travel toothbrush, travel Colgate toothpaste (almost out), and an extremely dull disposable razor.

2) Five-year-old pair of stretchy, foamy, nigh-indestructible Keds.

3) Pair of sweaty white gym socks which are too big for me.

4) Sweaty black sports bra.

5) Sweaty black stretch pants.

6) Sweaty lavender Dar Williams concert T-shirt ("End of the Summer" tour; the front says "I THINK I PUT MY SHIRT ON BACKWARDS", and the back has a little Dar Williams pocket-style logo, making it look as if you actually did put it on backwards), slightly paint-spattered.

7) Damp white towel.

8) Powder-blue fluffy mesh bath pouf, for showering.

I should really hang those things up to dry now...

9) In the smaller compartment: Aleve bottle full of various prescription drugs, nail file, hair clip, tampons, eyeglass case, eyeglass smude-removing cloth (actually the monitor-cleaning cloth that came with my iMac), mini hairbrush, combination lock for gym locker.

10) In the smallest compartment: checkbook and paperwork for my shrink appointment today, which was cancelled, darnit.

Normally I have a reading book in there as well (A.S. Byatt's "A Whistling Woman" at the moment), but I've been reading it for the past hour and a half.

Additional items that came home in it today include the March/April issue of Mother Jones, and the DVD of "Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars", which I had to buy because the torrent I spent two frelling weeks downloading was not editable with any of my existing software.

I never thought of using the iMac cloth on my glasses! But I have a good one already. When you spend $800 on a pair of glasses, they give you a free cleaning cloth. *g*

Was the torrent an avi? That's what I downloaded (but haven't watched yet, obviously). Did DivX Doctor not do the job?

It was an AVI. I could play it just fine using VLC, but I couldn't trim it in QT even after applying DivX Doctor, and when I tried bringing the whole file into Final Cut Pro, I had trouble. Essentially, I set in and out points to export a scene as a standalone MOV from which I could grab clips, and it took *more than an hour* to process that, even though it was only about 3 minutes long. And when it was processed? It wasn't the right scene. It was as though my in and out points had been set randomly.

I think this is a compression issue, with the file's own scene markers not corresponding to what's being displayed visually. I didn't have time to fuck around with it, so I just went ahead and bought the DVD. It was only about fifteen bucks.

I keep having to stop myself forcibly from trying to put PoT boys into Hogwarts houses. I think this is because something caused me to somewhat associate Kaidou with a wonderful Slytherin OC I played in a HP RPG once (the comparison is not especially apt, but the senpai/kouhai dynamics and nuances of how people address each other in that RPG were quite PoT-like (or just Japanese-school-like, but not every series has the kind of hierarchy and obvious trust differences that the Seigaku tennis club has). The boy in question played Quidditch, too. <3

Of course, the high incidence of ambitiousness among PoT characters might tip the scales toward Slytherin a bit artificially. And my Sorting Hat theory is probably not the most widespread, either.

...damnit, I wasn't supposed to think about this.

The icon was inspired by a Sorting convo I had with the Boy the other night. We often do the Sorting thing with our shows/books/movies -- it's a great pub topic. Interestingly, we had had the same convo in December, when he had seen less of the anime, and his thoughts were different now, about a lot of the characters.

He thinks Kaidoh should be in Slytherin because of his drive to better himself, but I think that's a Hufflepuff work ethic. Cedric Diggory, Kaidoh Kaoru, Luke Skywalker -- all Hufflepuff.

We also gave them D&D alignments and tried the Gilligan's Island character thing. The only character we were immediately able to place in all three scenarios was Inui. Lawful Evil, Ravenclaw, and the Professor.

So, what's your Sorting Hat Theory?

It has a lot to do with Neville and Hermione and Harry -- namely that the Hat will put you in the House whose qualities you most WANT to have, thus Neville, who is not an obvious bastion of courage but really wants to be, and Hermione, who loves learning but obviously is not a Ravenclaw for a reason, and Harry, who specifically asked not to go into Slytherin, all end up in Gryffindor because it's what's most important to them. (Of course, I also feel that in many cases being sorted into a House is sort of like a self-fulfilling prophecy -- you get immersed in that House's culture.)

And yeah, I can see Kaidou as either Hufflepuff or Slytherin depending on where you put the emphasis. (And I love Hufflepuffs. And not just because my Slytherin characters think they make the best minions -- loyal AND hard-working, who can beat that?) I lean slightly toward Slytherin, though.

My other thing is Dragonriders of Pern dragon colors, because I played in Pern RPGs for like a decade. I have so far avoided trying to do this with PoT.

The Boy has a similar theory: that you go into the house not so much based on your current qualities, but based on what qualities you need to aquire.

And, as he also said, surely there must be people who are sorted more based on balancing the numbers between the houses than on their own innate qualities. Else they could run out of beds in one house. *g*

I just can't see Kaidoh as Slytherin. He's too pure of heart, the dear sweet boy.

Else they could run out of beds in one house.

I should really finish the everyone-is-Hufflepuff fic before Half-Blood Prince comes out . . .

I have been resisting-resisting-resisting the much more expensive "Samurai Champloo" DVD that comes with the bandanna, but now I WANT IT. Wah.

I have the Lego!Spider-Man keychain that goes with your Spidey. He's sitting on my dresser next to my makeup and an action figure of Inuyasha.

And I don't think I can answer this yet because my purse fell off the bed last night and strewed everything from it across the floor and I haven't bothered to stuff it all back in yet, and my backpack is new and still has that uncluttered-new-backpack feel. But I will see.

"Uncluttered new backpack" means it has not had time to accumulate random interesting crumbly bits of papers and plastic at the bottom. But here's what I've got:

1. A gaggle of new blue ink stick pens jumbled together with a few yellow mechanical pencils (Paper Mate Sharpwriter mechanical pencils are the only pencils that make me happy and that I can write poetry with and I need to stock up on them in case the world ever runs out). There is also one bulky purple pen that I do not recognize but I like it so I'm keeping it.

2. Tampon and pad.

3. The magazine collection of the finalist-entries for this year's campus writer's festival contest (some of my poetry got in, yay).

4. A program from the writer's festival poetry reading by Linda Hogan that I went to last Wednesday.

5. Remnants of yesterday's Fiction Workshop class, including my plain blue folder with handouts in it, my blue class notebook (I try to color-code by class), Janet Burroway's Writing Fiction, a piece of paper with the names of stories from the Burroway book I'm supposed to read for class written on it, and printouts of two short stories by other people that we're workshopping in class tomorrow and that I haven't read yet, and an unstapled copy of my short story that we workshopped in class last week, with my written notes of people's comments in class all over it.

6. Remnants of two weeks of Poetry Workshop classes, including the two notebooks (one pink, one purple) that I use as "the Poetry Workshop notebook" whenever I can't find one of them, 2 stapled printous of various W.H. Auden poems with "The Unknown Soldier" on top of one and "In Memory of Sigmund Freud" atop the other, a short poem another student brought in to workshop that we never got around to that day, another longer poem of hers that we did get around to,

7. A foil decal sticker with kissy-lips and the caption "BIG FLIRT" that I do not recognize and suspect belongs to my roommate and fell in my bag.

8. The printed supplement to next year's (online) course schedule, a piece of paper with various classes I was thinking of taking, and a timeslot worksheet with classes pencilled in.

9. The remnants of Tuesday's Psych of Sex class, including my red class folder, an assignment on sexual dysfunction and one on sexual addiction, and a textbook supplement collection of many recent articles about human sexuality.

10. AAA batteries for my MP3 player.

11. A "February 2nd 2000 Groundhog Job Shadow Day" bookmark.

What non-class-specific material it would normally include:

1. Clip-on earphones and my tiny red 256MB MP3 player, which I love and which is slowly dying, marred by a black cracked smudge creeping across its LCD from when my sister dropped it on her kitchen floor a week after I got it. I have gotten good at reading song titles from only a few visible letters.

2. My reading book. (I have those too! I'm going back and forth between a few at the moment. Live fast, die young, read three books at once.)

3. Random interesting crumbly bits of papers and plastic at the bottom.

I actually didn't mean to get this version but the Boy picked up the wrong one. Not that I *mind*.

Your uni bag sounds heavy! When I was last in uni, I had this massive thing that I think was really a businessperson's overnight case, something you could put papers into, but still have room for your toothbrush and an extra shirt or two. I was doing languages so I always had a bunch of heavy books to haul around.

I would never, ever in my life wear a bandanna, but I could...use it as a tasteful cape for one of my irritable-looking stuffed animals!

I carry too much stuff because once I take things out, I forget where I put them. And the reason this backpack is new is that the straps on the old one broke in half.

...I carry too much stuff.

*cough* Slightly off-topic, but since you did mention Kaidoh... you are the reason why I picked up the first three volumes of the Prince of Tennis manga. And, um, enjoyed them a whole bunch. Especially Kaidoh. So thanks!

Kaidoh is *never* off topic, not in my LJ. *g* (It's really pitiful how obsessed I am. I don't think I ever have been before, not like this.) And yay for manga love! If your computer can read a DVD-R, say the word and I'll mail you many avi files of the anime.

You know you want to.

My backpack is gray. I bought it at Eddie Bauer, looking for the maximum possible volume (while still remaining a backpack.)

On the outside are a whistle, a Curious George keychain, and a little piece of woven trim.

The smallest side pocket has a mini-stapler, staples, a measuring tape, the cord to link my TI-86 to another TI-86 (which I haven't used since I first got the calculator about eight years ago), lead for mechanical pencils, and a little bag of "French" coil-less safety pins.

The bottom pocket has a miscellaneous assortment of writing utensils: lots of black pens, some mechanical pencils, a blue felt calligraphy pen, a Hello Kitty whiteout pen, a soft drawing pencil, and three new sparkly gel pens to grade with.

The top outside pocket has a flat book with various notes (how to fix my car, where to find books in the library, bad poetry), the aforementioned TI-86, a granola bar, a pad, a bill for photocopies on the department copier, and slips from old paychecks.

The second outside pocket has sunglasses, a Tarot deck, whiteboard markers, and Ibuprofen.

The outer main pocket has three knitting projects: sixteenth-century sweater, silk relic pouch, and long purple wool socks, plus an ordinary sock to use as a model.

The true main pocket always has a book on knitting socks and a book on knitting sweaters, plus a piece of graph paper with a pattern for the sweater. At the moment it also has a bunch of art supplies (paint, palette, calligraphy pens & nibs), but several folders, notebooks, a binder, and Jack Lee's Riemannian Geometry is more typical.

Your bag seems much more interesting and creative than my bag. I can't knit to save my life.

But your bag was so writerly!

I don't have a bag. I don't have bag contents. I feel weird.

Maybe you're just less encumbered by the things of this world than the rest of us. :)

You should have heard that snort all across the ocean!

My stuff just would not fit into one. The difficulty is that when putting together the things anew each time I go somewhere, I do tend to forget one vital thingy. Still, I cannot carry it all with me.

Which is combined with the fact that I do not have a purse either. Erm. I really need to replace the tattered, torn money-holder soonish.

I meant wallet when I said purse, btw.

Blue ink really does suck!

Right now my bag contains a cd case full of cds to listen to at my first job, because I can get away with it there, and if I let whoever listen to the radio I got nuts. My uniform for the same job, a couple of plastic bags, my wallet (which has way too much in it, frankly), my cell phone, some handcream, gum, and my keys. Also a book for when I'm bored, or have a longer break.

At first I read "gum" as "gun" and I was a little concerned. *g*

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