Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

You might enjoy watching...

Trailer Park Boys
But I said that already.

Doctor Who
So enjoying this. I've only seen the first four eps since I'm trying to be good and watch it on TV instead of downloading it and CBC is about a week and a half behind the BBC on it. It's so out there without being too campy, it's frantic and fun and the colours, my god, the colours. I love the production design.

Yakitate!! Japan
You like crack? We've got crack. Azuma Kazuma is a country boy determined to make a bread that the Japanese will like better than rice. He and Kawachi Kyouske, another country boy, get hired onto a bakery in Tokyo. They engage in a series of battles (bread-baking battles!) with various interesting artisans. Who will be victorious? I love this show so much. It never fails to cheer me, no matter what my mood is. It's the show I look forward to the most right now.

Dear Boys
A lovely 26-episode sports anime about high school boys basketball. It's more or less your typical underdog makes good story. The boys are really sweet and the story is engaging. And, best of all, there's a girls team that kicks major ass. We even get to see them play. (Of course, the downside to that is the two boys I most want to slash have canon female love interests. Can't have everything, I guess.) You can get it on Box Torrents. Thanks to neeteeus for bringing it to my attention.

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