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You can call me Hal.

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Content and the blog.
Answer me these questions three four:

1. What kind of content do you like me to post?

2. What kind of content do you like your friends list (people, not communities) to post?

3. What kind of content do you post?

4. How large is your friends list?

Types of content might be: episode discussion, recommendations, funny links, fanfiction, cat pictures, politics, squee, fannish meta, essays on the human brain, et cetera.

I am curious about some things. I will post my own opinions with a follow-up, assuming there's enough to follow-up on. :)

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1. What kind of content do you like me to post?

I find everything entertaining, though I tend to skim the stuff related to fandoms I'm not/have not been in (ie all the Japanese stuff).

2. What kind of content do you like your friends list (people, not communities) to post?

Hey, it's your all's journals; I don't care. But I always get excited when people post jokes, entertaining meta, or cat pictures, and I can sympathise with the overstressed uni people (why, no, I'm not procrastinating on homework right now...).

3. What kind of content do you post?

Mostly bitching about RL, meaning uni rant. Also the occasionally amusing/outrageous link, sometimes political discussion. And once or twice, a grammar rant.

4. How large is your friends list?

80-90 range, I think; haven't checkd recently.

1. Whatever you like! But especially stuff that, even if directly related to another fandom, I can still understand and apply to my own fandoms. So, uh, mostly fannish stuff: meta, fic, squee, etc.

2. Ditto? Also, if personal stuff, I enjoy it when they post often enough and detailedly enough so I can follow the story and recognize the characters. Or if they identify these people for us within the story itself...

3. Mostly boring RL bitching, and fannish stuff, sometimes intense meta, sometimes just "lookie, squee!" or episode notes... fic occasionally. It's really kind of all over the place.

4. ~160 people, plus around 40 comms.

1. You are always interesting! I read your fic (for all fandoms I know) and other posts are cool too.

2. Friendslist...more fic would make me a happy fangirl! But I feel bad for saying so as it is their journals... I read most entries anyhow.

3.I post utter squee and sometimes recs for fic or art or funny.

4.F-list is at 60-something.

1) I met you at Escapade and liked you. I like reading whatever you post. My friends list is varied because I like to get other people's view of the world. And your posts are interesting.

2) I'm very happy when my friends post nice smutty slash. I like when they take advantage of LJ to vent and express themselves about life. I also learn a lot when friends post links to other information.

3) Usually RL updates. I use my LJ to keep my friends updated on what is happening in my life. I also use it to occasionally rant or share info.

4) I just checked....115 friends, 35 groups, 78 mutual friends...I love my flist.

1. What kind of content do you like me to post?

Stories in fandoms I read. Short, funny personal anecdotes. Story recs.

2. What kind of content do you like your friends list (people, not communities) to post?

Stories in fandoms I read. Short, funny personal anecdotes. Story recs. Memes.

3. What kind of content do you post?

Stories in fandoms I write. Personal anecdotes (not so short, only sometimes funny). Fandom Meta. Story recs.

4. How large is your friends list?

600+ people.

You'll note that I only write meta, yet don't read it? Yeah, I thought that was interesting.


1 & 2 - Things related to fandoms I'm interested in. *g* Really, anything from the types of content you listed. I wouldn't mind seeing more recommendations, in general. Recs for fic, and also recs/reviews of books and movies from outside fandom.

3 - Not much. I post recs infrequently these days, a funny link now and then. I'm not doing a good job of modeling what I would like to see.

4 - 116 people, 53 communities, 34 feeds.

1. What kind of content do you like me to post?

I used to wait longingly for 'new stories' posts, but nowadays I enjoy everything. While I don't comment too often, I really enjoy reading other people's reactions to discussion posts. You attract interesting people. I also love any and all recommendations (after PoT, I think I need to try Trailer Park Boys...).

All your posts always feel...accessible. I never feel odd about joining the discussion or commenting. There's a lot to be said about that; I tend to look forward to your updates more than anyone else I originally friended primarily for the writing, because I don't feel as if I'm on a different level.

2. What kind of content do you like your friends list (people, not communities) to post?

Some of the journals are update journals for authors or artists which have nothing but, well, updates. For the journals which are personal journals, I love reading recommendations, interesting links, and RL stuff which leads to discussions. I like RL pictures - I'm always fascinated by what really lies on the other side of the screen.

3. What kind of content do you post?

Primarly RL anecdotes, which I endeavour to keep short. Links of interest. The occasional quiz or recommendation. And pictures of Mr. Tilson.

4. How large is your friends list?

63 actual people, plus a smattering of communities. I find I can't reliably keep up with more than that.

1. episode discussion, recommendations, fanfiction, squee, fannish meta...all good. I'm here for the fic first (with particular fondness for the HP and PoT) but I like your multifannish enthusing and tend to trust your taste (which has led me to things like PoT and Whistle).

2. episode discussion, recommendations, fanfiction, squee, fannish meta...I'm primarily interested in fannish thoughts, but I like personal, RL stuff mixed in too, 'cause I'm a stickybeak. (I've also found that knowing too much about people via LJ can occasionally put me off their fic, even if it's really *good* fic.) But fandom comes first for me on LJ. Also? I'd rather read positive and/or mixed fannish thoughts...I'm very prone to suggestion and constant pessimism and ranting starts to get me down.

3. My own LJ is...I dunno. Something that happens by accident while I'm reading more interesting LJs. Sometimes I squee, sometimes I rec, sometimes I recap, sometimes I fic, sometimes I bitch about customers, but mostly I'm too busy reading other people's fic and meta to remember to update.

4. 240 friends + 68 comms + 11 feeds.

1. What kind of content do you like me to post?

Fiction. Lots of fiction. Really, just write stories. That would be good. :) Nah, you post what you like, it's worked for me so far.

2. What kind of content do you like your friends list (people, not communities) to post?

I've generally put people on the friends list because they post episode discussion, links to fan media, squee, fiction, intelligent discussion of fandom. I also put people on the list because I like them and want to keep up with what's going on with them.

3. What kind of content do you post?

As above!

4. How large is your friends list?

190. Some of them don't post at all - maybe 20-30 - but I couldn't be bothered taking them off. After all, they're not posting! They're not taking up any space.

1.) I think I like it best when you post random, funny sorts of things. And when you use your peep icon. ;) I also like Harry Potter fic and meta.

2.) Interesting things about their lives, funny observations, HP fic and art that's to my taste, recommendations about books and other sorts of media.

3.) Err...I try to do everything that's in #2. Whether I succeed is a matter of opinion, I suppose! *g*

4.) About 200 people and a few communities. Near the point of overload, but not quite there.

1. Well, fics for sure. ^_^ That's how I ran across you in the first place, and without fail I specifically go directly to your journal at least a couple of times a week to make sure I haven't missed any. I also enjoy hearing about your life, though I admit I'm likely to skim over those sorts of posts if I'm having a busy day and I'm just trying to catch up on my flist. I've been interested in the recs too... I'm definitely going to have to check out some of the stuff you've been reccing. ^_^

2. It's hard for me to quantify exactly what I like to see in my flist, because it's always the things I don't expect that are the most interesting. ^_^

3. My posts tend to fall into one of three categories; rants, random quizzes and memes, and fics. I really should do more frequent 'normal' updates about my life, but the fact is, chichiri_no_da usually beats me to it and is more eloquent about it than I would be. *laughs*

4. Uh... *goes to check* 104 users, 14 communities, and 1 feed. Most of the comms are non-active or almost non-active, though.

1. I feel like I should say I'm primarily interested in the fanfic posts, but in reality I look forward to personal anecdotes avidly. The fic is a close second, though.

2. Personal anecdotes. I enjoy getting a glimpse of other people's introspection, although a funny story rarely goes amiss. Fandom-related anecdotes are also high on my list--I'm not all that interested in unbridled squee, but story and/or episode commentary are good. I used to look forward to fiction posts more than I do now, although I still get excited about the fic.

3. Uh, personal anecdotes. I like to think they're funny and/or introspective.

4. Smallish, about 35-40 people.

1. Dunno. I originally added you because I liked your fic, and I generally find your posts about anything interesting (with the exception of anime, which is not my thing).

2. I add people because I either know them or they interest me. I like posts about language, books, writing, fandom, science, history, the SCA, academia, daily life of my friends, sexual/gender politics, costuming...almost anything, as long as it's interesting. Cat/hedgehog/snake/dog/etc. pictures are also nice, as is nature photography, photos of cool geology, and photos of historical costume projects.

3. In this journal, mostly stuff about my life (which falls into four main categories: SCA/history, science/school, daily life, and recipes).

4. Too large.

Yay, SCA! Yay, wombats!

1. I like hearing your thoughts. I get especially excited to learn anything about you personally, but your fannish bits are a part of you so I like them, too. Your recommendations are awesome. Your babble is awesome. Your fic is awesome. Meta? Essays? Cat pictures? All welcome.

2. Really, the same as the above. I like hearing peoples thoughts, about their lives and about the world. I like cat pictures.

3. I post whatever comes into my head. Mainly, these days, about me or my life, but I have been known to post crudo memes and the occational funny link. I've posted cat pictures. I wish I posted more essays and political stuff and discussion, and it does happen, but not that often.

4. I have ... 149 friends, 38 communities.

1. Stuff I find interesting. Either fandoms I find interesting. Personal stories I find interesting. Geeky links I find interesting. Whatever. If it's a fandom I don't care about, I like noting it and I move on. Sometimes I read.
2. Stuff I want to read which varies from day to day.
3. Stuff on my mind that varies from day to day. Mindless fandom stuff that's fun and then personal stuff that drives me crazy or interesting stuff I did. (Or so I think.)
4. 140 people give or take. It'll probably go down again soon as I weed out and expand into Atlantis.

1) I only skim posts that are related to fandsom I'm not interested in, and I don't pay much attention to download posts because I'm on a 56k modem, but apart from that everything on your LJ is fascinating. It'd be nice if you wrote more Champloo fanfic, but that's just my personal biases showing :P

I'm curious about your roleplaying game experiences as well, but I realise that's probably blurring the line between your fandom persona (as it were) and RL a bit too much. Just continue on the way you are and I'll be happy. And say hi to the Boy; he's quite entertaining XD.

2) I love posts filled with content that take me a while to read and digest (anecdotes, stories, meta, whatever). But it's their LJs, they can do what they want.

3) My LJ isn't very cerebral, I'm afraid :P It's mostly made up of random snippets and thoughts I found amusing at the time, interesting real-life things that have happened to me lately and the occasional expletive-filled rant. I occasionally delve into deeper topics, but more as a way to work out my own opinions on the subject or to get it out of my head, rather than an attempt to generate discussion.

4) Hovers around the 50 mark

1. What kind of content do you like me to post?
episode discussion, recommendations, funny links, fanfiction, cat pictures, politics, squee, fannish meta, essays on the human brain, et cetera.

(Really, I'll read anything. I skip ep discussions only because I have no access to eps and thus no idea what you're talking about.)

2. What kind of content do you like your friends list (people, not communities) to post?

Ditto above, I'm easy. =)

3. What kind of content do you post?

Funny links, fannish squee, memes and random assorted RL or fannish things.

4. How large is your friends list?

Quite wussy. =P But I read friendslists of friends also, depending on time and interest.

You know, I want to answer with specific types of content, but I'm not sure I can. Because, yes...I like fiction, for example, but if I'm not in the mood for the pairing or the fandom or whatever, then I'll skip right past. And really, it's more about the *way* the posts are written. I have some folks on my friends list who almost never talk about fandom - in fact, they almost never talk about anything I understand (*g*) - but they're so damned clever/entertaining/provoking/amusing when they do it, I barely notice that they're writing about a subject I know nothing about.

Those caveats aside:

1. Anything! (since you're one of those people whose posts interest me regardless of the content)

2. Fiction (especially Snape-centric stories or oddities in rare fandoms), fandom meta, smart rants (politics/religion/academia/whatever), breaking news and analysis, reviews and critiques, links to bizarre news items and pictures, funny family/pet/job stories.

3. Meta and essays, fiction (includes meta/humor fiction), links to interesting posts and news stories, the odd birthday greeting, occasional whining about paper grading.

4. That *I* have friended? 235, I think.

1. I'm here because I thought your fandom-related posts were interesting and I like the way you express yourself.

2. I like them to post interesting stuff. I know that's not very specific, but neither are the things I'm interested in. I added some people because they have interesting fandom-related posts, and other people because they have interesting personal lives. And so on. News, music, links to weird stuff--whatever. I'm interested in a lot.

That's not including people I'm actually friends with, whose journals might not stand out at all to a stranger but are interesting to *me*.

3. A mixture of things. It's a personal journal, but I also post whatever has caught my fancy and I want to share. News, weird links, occasionally memes. I've made separate journals for fanfic recs and music posts, though.

4. Personal journals only - about 120.

1. What kind of content do you like me to post?

Well, naturally anything in a fandom I'm interested in, whether its icons or character discussion, but that's a selfish sort of want. I'll skip the things that are fannish but in a fandom I know nothing about, but otherwise a little bit of everything is nice. Personal things, meta, memes, randomness. I watch journals as much because people interest me as for the fanworks.

2. What kind of content do you like your friends list (people, not communities) to post?

Same as above. Pretty much anything. I may be more excited to see fannish things on my flist, but I like hearing about someone's day since I like to get to know people and it makes my flist feel very comfortable and homey. The type of things I skip are most rants, most political posts, and posts by people who are consistently negative.

3. What kind of content do you post?

Art, fic, recs, personal babble, pointless fansquee, and the occasional bout of ficbitchyness. Once in a blue moon something meta or political.

4. How large is your friends list?

currently at 185, of which about 5 are ficmirrors, and 10-15 are people who post once a decade.

1. Anything. Fics, thoughts, RL. Once I friended someone I forget what it was for and am interested in the person (but I am in a minority there).

2. The same as above and below. My interests and hence my flist seem eclectic like no other.

3. Reviews of series, books, films, manga, philosophical and sociological thoughts, meta, fanfiction, art, funny links. RL.

4. About 70. Plus 90 communities :S

1. Fic. Fannish meta.
2. See above. Humorous stuff.
3. Fic (rarely), fannish meta (ditto), fandom links.
4. 100-ish people and about 40 communities.

1. I like you to post whatever is interesting to you, because it's your journal. I wish I were more into the crack-addled anime so that I could share your joy, but because I love you, I share your joy anyway. (:

2. In general, I like to read ep discussion of shows I actually watch, vid recs (any show), funny links, fanfiction (though I'm reading less and less of it), cat pictures, politics, squee, and especially meta meta meta. I also like personal entries if I consider the person a friend. And, you know, interesting stuff that is, um, interesting to me. *g* Because my flist is all about me!

3. Lately, I post mostly vidding meta and ep discussion/reviews of BSG, with the occasional interesting link thrown in.

4. Today I seem to have 105 friends. I don't really like it to get much bigger than that. I don't use filters, so having too many people flisted gets overwhelming.

1. What kind of content do you like me to post?

Whatever you want to post? It's your journal :). I am, however, more interested in fannish discussion/meta/canon analysis and such than I am in real life-related entries. Political commentaries are also always fun to read, fic is always good (ALWAYS), and I like the occasional cat picture (not too much though).

2. What kind of content do you like your friends list (people, not communities) to post?

Everything I mentioned above. I really am here for all the fandom things.

3. What kind of content do you post?

Fandom things. Occasionally political stuff.

4. How large is your friends list?

*checks* 638 friends; 95 communities.


I read fast and have many filters :) (and everyone on my flist gets read, too. I have filters, but only for easier/speedier reading and not to filter people out).

1. What kind of content do you like me to post?

anything, really. I like it when you post thought inspiring questions, or fic, or just random things. I like reading stories from people's real life, too.

2. What kind of content do you like your friends list (people, not communities) to post?

anything and everything. I like the variety. sometimes RL bitching is the most interesting. I used to go only for people who's fic I liked, but that isn't the case anymore.

3. What kind of content do you post?

lots of meme, lots of whining, truly random things. fic, when I can.

4. How large is your friends list?

I have 105 people friended plus 51 communities I belong to/watch. Only 85 people have me friended, so I don't know how it got so big XD

1. Just about anything you have to say is fab. I like fic and meta a lot, though.

2. Mostly fic and meta. Entertaining people (such as yourself) can get away with about anything up to and including dysmenorrhea whinges and I'll still read them, but that's not true of everyone.

3. I try to keep to stuff that's HP-related, or smut/fic-related.

4. My friendslist has about 300 people and a lot of communities. Only the communities are on any kind of filter, though. No individuals are on filters (yet).

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