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You can call me Hal.

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Prince of Tennis Manga Help
kaidoh kalos
Now that the Prince of Tennis anime is over I need to make a greater effort to follow the manga. However, I'm having trouble getting hold of new FET releases. As well, I'm missing some older releases.

Ideally, I would download them myself from IRC. At the moment, I don't have the correct channel info (I thought I did, but I was wrong). I know that they don't want that published so if you have it and want to email me the info (hal@prillalar.com), that would be lovely.

However, I still don't know if that will work. IRC downloads on Mac OS X are sketchy at best. I have been able to successfully download from bots but not from fservs. So if the releases are fserv only, I won't be able to download them myself.

So, in that case, I would have to throw myself on the mercy of someone who does download them to pass them on to me.

I have a source for raws now, but I'm missing a few, if anyone can help me out there. Is there somewhere where the raws are usually summarized when they come out?

If you're looking for issues, I'm happy to pass on what I have, so long as you don't re-distribute them publically (on the web, for example). Just comment with what you need.

I have:

1 - 77
115 - 144
158 - 246

247 - 266

Not yet scanlated:

78 - 114
145 - 157
247 - current

I'm looking for:



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Am at work now so cannot compare or send anything this moment, but I believe I've managed to collect all their scanlations and would be glad to share. (I'm looking for raw anime episodes myself, which is a bit trickier since the files are so big.)

If you could YSI the scanlations for me, that would be awesome, thank you.

Which anime raws do you need? I think I've got from 145 and up. I don't have the bandwidth to upload them all in a lump, but if you can read a DVD-R, I could mail them to you. Or upload them gradually.

(Deleted comment)
Whee! Thanks. :) I'll download them when I get home and get the issues off to you too. (Probably late tonight or early tomorrow.)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
D'oh! Math telling one number apart from the other is hard!

Here you go:

And I've amended my list of what I have. To the best of my knowledge, I've got all the scanlations now. If there are other issues that you need, just let me know.

(Deleted comment)
well, this might be a lot to ask but if you have time I'd love to get started on the manga scanlations (I've just been watching the anime.)

If you don't mind would you please upload to yousendit for 1-64?

I, uh, do have other scanlations but I'm not sure if I have anything you want (Bleach, Fruits Basket, Angel Sanctuary...just let me know if you want anything.)

Here you go:


I'm well-supplied with stuff for now. (I try not to read *too* much manga on the computer since it's such a pain.)

LMK when you're done with this and I can send some more. And I think I zipped up to 71 instead of 64. *g*

wow...this was just great!!! (I hope it didn't take you too long to upload all of this!)

And, um, yes. If you are up for me so am I (but PLEASE don't worry about it if it is too time-consuming...I doubt I'll get to these for a few weeks anyway. Right now the anime is eating my brain....)

I *think* you meant you wanted the rest of them. *g* Here they are:


72 - 246, with two gaps where there are no scanlations as yet.

yes, thank you, I am lame and can't actually WRITE correcly.


Leviosa the manga leecher...

Thank you very, VERY much for bothering to upload them all. Honestly!
I saw this post and couldn't really help because I have some random chapters here and there (--->months of difference between one CD and the other, all files lost among a bunch of other pics and stuff), but waited to see what people shared ---> everybody has a leecher inside and it sometimes comes out XD

To sum up, thanks a lot!!

I am a Random Person, but I thought this was just as good a place as any...do you know which chapter is the Kaidoh-Yagyuu doubles match where they pretend to be each other? Er, just so I'll know where to start looking.

I cannot supply you with scanlations unfortunately. I feel like such a leecher T_T.

I also really like your stories (InuKai OTP here) but never comment on them 'cause I suck like that ^^;;;

I think it's somewhere in the 240 range, but I'm not sure of the exact number. If you are missing issues, I'm happy to YSI them for you, just let me know which they are. Manga is much more portable than anime. :)

I'm fine for scanlations now; I think I've got them all, so no worries on that score.

And I'm glad you've been enjoying my fic. :) Do you read the MomoKai too or just stick to the InuKai?

I'm mostly curious about just that match (crack, heehee), so if it isn't too much trouble er...could you send the 240s?

Tell me if there are any you want, thanks for going to all the trouble :).

InuKai is my TeniPuri OTP, but I'll read pretty much anything with Kaidoh in it :D. So yeah, I've read your MomoKai stuff, and it's awesome <3.

It was 240, so yay for my amazing powers of recollection. *g* Here's the file:


And my motto is: If Kaidoh's happy, I'm happy.


That's a very good motto :3.

This thread is PoT bliss! I don't think I can actually help with anything - I've really only got some random djs and music vids - although if you need raws you might try asking <lj user="flowright> as she seems to post them as they come out. May I please put in a humble request for 76, 115-125, 160-236, 241-146? If it's too much hassle, not to worry!

whoops, I must've missed a tag. I meant flowright, who seems to post most of the raws as they come out. As for me, may I please put in a humble request for 76, 115-125, 160-236, 241-246? If it's too much hassle, not to worry!

I'm all fixed up for scanlations and raws now. (And I have another source for new raws.) But thanks for the pointer!

And I've uploaded 72-246 for danielleleigh, so look further up the page for that YSI link. :)

woot! I am snaffling them now, thank you.

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