Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Found while cleaning

* Rubber Jabba the Hut doll with can of slime for him to drool.

* DON'T PANIC button from the Hitchhiker's Infocom game.

* Handwritten copy of Anacreontea 5, with translation, on teddy bear stationery. I don't know who gave this to me. Here's the translation, which I assume is by the teddy bear stationery person:

Once when I was plaiting a garland,
I found Love among the roses.
Holding him fast by the wings,
I dipped him in wine,
And took and drank him down.
Now inside my body
He is tickling me with his wings.

* Autographed picture of Alexander Blumke. (And if you know who that is, major geek points to you!)

* Liquor flask, which I should start putting to use.

* Schwa World Operations Manual. It's been hard operating the world without it. Now that I have it, you should notice a difference in world operation almost immediately.

* Dust bunnies, mice, voles, and pythons.
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