Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

It must be Monday. I could never get the hang of Mondays.

I could swear that two posts on my flist have just disappeared when I reloaded the page. They don't show up on the original poster's LJ page either, or in their calandar view. I suppose they could have been deleted, but I'm not sure why -- they weren't the sort of post that people usually think better of and remove.

Of course, that could happen to this post too.

I am attempting to catch up on comments. I may or may not be successful.

Thanks to everyone who helped me collect the missing bits of PoT manga I needed. I've updated the original post to reflect my current collection, so if you need anything, stop by there and let me know. I am still missing the raw for 247 and am also still trying to find someplace where the raws are summarized, so if you can help out, I would love you forever (or thank you politely, if that's less scary).

Some anime updates -- links are to torrent files:
PoT148 by AO.
PoT 153 by AR. My god, I thought AR was dead. I'm actually waffling about downloading this at all since I've already seen a HK rip for it and I'm burning the AO releases anyhow.
Kyou Kara Maou 40! The new ED animation is so very, very cute.
Meine Liebe 9. AKA Pretty Boys with Sexy Voices.

neeteeus: I've sent off the next set of PoT DVDs to you!

Everyone else: Is there anyone that I said I would send stuff to that hasn't heard from me that it's been sent off? (akatonbo, I'll get yours done this week.) I think I'm up to date, but I've mailed so many DVDs recently that I'm concerned I've lost track. Same goes for uploads. Comment if I forgot you. Or if it never arrives. Or if it arrives but you can't read it. Or if you like cheese.

If I could learn Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, could I send a copy to work and stay home and write? I've been spending my spare time cleaning lately and I'm in fic-writing withdrawal. It's making me kind of twitchy.

And that's enough rambling for one morning.
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