May 16th, 2004


Saturday night movies

Last night I had a James Spader double-bill: Secretary and Stargate.

About Secretary, all I have to say is: guh! Also: I really need to see Crash again soon.

This is the third time I've watched Stargate. First, in the theatre, and second last year as I began my odyssey into SG-1. It was so cool to revisit it now. Of course you have to overlook the inconsistencies between the movie and the series, but I felt very sentimental to see characters who recur later, to see the beginnings of the fight against the Goa'uld. And just the cinematic scope of the shots -- the immensity of the pyramid, the vastness of the desert.

I think Ra gets all his outfits from Amidala's closet.

I'd forgotten the rather odd rapport between O'Neill and Jackson (whom I can't quite bring myself to think of as Jack and Daniel here) -- you'd expect them to disagree more than they do. Instead, they bond quite easily, I suppose from shared adversity.

I loved seeing Dr Jackson in the desert, no clue about what to do. He's not exactly Dr Jones, is he? Which reminds me that it would be way cool to see some sort of crossover thing with Indiana Jones and Nicholas Ballard. (Um, not slash, just adventure.)

Really, though, the best part is just two hours of James Spader with fluffy hair.