April 3rd, 2006

tenma fighting

Thank you.

Dear Fandom,

Thank you for being such a cool place. I'm going through some real stress right now over work-related matters and it's so nice to have a place to come to that's just fun and friendly and full of shiny.

Everyone who posts, who comments, who sends feedback, everyone who writes stories, creates art, makes vids, who takes the time to engage with people who do, everyone who squees, everyone who discusses, wherever your interests lie, I love you so much right now.

Here's the song that's getting me through: The Wars - Decomposure.

Thanks for being there.



Must Be Because of the Moaning by mousapelli
Aim for the Sky!, Sato/Asakawa, R.
Asakawa's got a question for Sato, and Sato ruins another pair of shoes.

Victory Road, part 2 by trinityhelix
Prince of Tennis, Ryoma at Fudomine, G.

(no subject)

Oh my god, the trailer fucking rules! I can't believe how excited it made me to watch that. I'm finally warming to Shirota as Tezuka, too.

And Sainei Ryuji is going to be amazing as Atobe. Time to finish up Dekaranger so I can let go of him as Ban.


ETA: I just realised that when I sat down at the computer, I was going to write an entry about watching Millennium (TEOTWAWKI) and BSG (33) tonight and how amazing BSG is and how I miss Frank Black every day and how sweet Barry Baldwin and Giebelhouse played off each other and about Roslin and Adama and Tigh. Actual serious grown-up thoughts.

But the gay tennis boys drove all that out of my head.