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Recently I took a break from anime to watch my DVDs of Degrassi Junior High S1. It was so much fun to go back. Stephanie becoming student body president by dressing like a streewalker and giving kisses to the boys in exchange for votes. Joey Jeremiah's kicky berets. (He had so many different hats back then.) Spike getting pregnant. Melanie buying her first bra. The Zit Remedy. Lucy shoplifting. Arthur in drag for the talent show. Rick and his "I won $100 in the lottery" licorice. Stephanie and Wheels's many horrific dates. Yick's $5 Ming vase.

And Snake. Snake playing his guitar. Snake being terrible at soccer. Snake dancing. Snake being ogled by Melanie. Snake arguing with Joey over band names ("Snake and the Sneeze!" "Joey and the Joybuzzers!"). Snake being so tall and gawky and red-headed and freckled and cute. Snaaaaaaaaake! *sigh*

NB: My enthusiasm over this non-animated grade 8 boy is not bad and wrong, it is nostalgic. This show first aired in 1987. I was younger then. And I do still sigh over him now that he's all grown up and teaching in Degrassi: TNG. (And cry because he married Spike and not me.)

Did we ever find out why he was called Snake? It seemed like an odd nickname for him. He was just such a nice boy. Sweet and nice. And red-headed.

If you're a Canadian of a certain age, you're probably well and familiar with this show. It was pretty ground-breaking. They tackled a lot of difficult issues like child abuse and teen pregnancy. The kids looked real. When I watch it now it feels quite real to me, though everyone is a bit nicer than I remember junior high being. But the kids are kids and it's great to watch them struggle through and know I don't ever have to go back there and struggle with them.

Season 2 is due in June. Hopefully the rest will come out quickly. I didn't get to see a lot of the show once they got into high school. (Though I caught a re-run a couple of years ago of the episode where Joey takes money to run through the cafeteria only wearing his hat. *g*)

For some reason, no one seems to have written Joey/Snake slash. I may have to yet.
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