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I just noticed this: in Karupin's Adventure, the most adorable Blushy!Kaidoh walks past Lounging!Inui and TwoYearsTennisExperience!Horio. Inui greets Kaidoh and when Kaidoh greets him in return, he ducks his head in a little bow. So. Damn. Cute. I also saw him once bow before entering the tennis court. I don't recall seeing that from anyone else.

I have this secret theory that Horio is Kaidoh's fanboy. (Not, I should add, in a slashy sense.) I think I'm basing this on Horio describing Kaidoh's play (possibly just after he played Inui in the first ranking matches) as "ideal tennis". Maybe I just want Horio to annoy Kaidoh a lot. *g*

I've been thinking about my InuKai vs my TezuRyo, how even though they are equal in my affections, I have written lots of InuKai but only one TezuRyo. And when I think about writing more TezuRyo, it's as a continuation of the first piece. I have a lot of different instantiations of InuKai. I'm not sure how many of my stories you could group together and say they are in the same continuity. But even though in some Kaidoh may be the aggressor and in some Inui is a tease and in some Inui is so in love he might die of it and in some Kaidoh has never once thought about Inui that way, they are all still, I think, in character. I have a lot of Inuis and Kaidohs but only one Tezuka and Ryoma.

The TezuRyo is drawn from the canon far more than the InuKai, even though there is more direct canon evidence for InuKai. But to me, the whole show is about the Tezuka-Ryoma relationship. So I what I write has to fit in with that, whereas the InuKai just has to be lightly coupled on. It makes the TezuRyo difficult.

And then there's the MomoKai which I must admit I'm pretty hot for right now. I've even been dreaming about them. But I can ship both InuKai and MomoKai at the same time (like simultaneous tea and no-tea) without making my brain explode. I just think about them in different continuities. I must say, it makes watching the show a lot more enjoyable since Kaidoh's always with one or the other of them.

I also wonder why I'm so gone on this show, fic-wise, when the scope is so narrow. Unless I want to do future- or past-fic, it all has to fit into a timeframe of several months. Months, that's all. And not much can really happen in that time, unless I want to go seriously alternate history. (To me, alternate history is when you change the events in canon, while alternate universe is where they are all pirates. Which could be fun.) But gone I am. It's not the only fandom I write in, but it's certainly the main one. I guess I just like the characters.

The other day, I saw a story on ff.n with a side pairing of InuKikuKai. What the hell? But I would like to see more badfic written about Atobe/Momo. It's a good pairing. On the other hand, I would like to see much less of Yamato-buchou/anyone. He's sooooo creepy. He's creepier than Donnie Pfaster. Seriously.

In conclusion, writing is hard.
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