Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Hikaru no Go

I cannot hide it any longer. I have been watching Hikaru no Go. And enjoying it. I'm up to episode 60 and I fear spoilers, so please be wary in comments. :) I have the first few volumes of the manga from Viz. (Yeah, good old Viz.) And scanlations of the whole thing. I had planned to sort of watch and read in tandem, but I got sucked into the Plot Arc That Would Not End and so now I'll just do the reading later.

What a fun show! It's very absorbing, even though I don't know anything about Go and even though the sound of them drawing the stones from the containers (which I'm sure have some fancy name) drives me crazy. At least they don't have the LSD-induced special game effects of tenipuri.

Hikaru is too adorable. I enjoy his naivete, ignorance, and cheekiness. And his hair is great.

Akira is going to give himself an ulcer by age 15. I love his cowlick and his intensity but it's hard to take him seriously when he's in short pants.

Hikaru and Akira - best rivalry ever. But not at all slashy to me. I guess that could change, though. I'm almost ready to start shipping Sasuke and Naruto and it only took 130+ episodes.

Sai - très amusant, but his existential angst gets on my nerves.

Kaga was way underused. They only teased us with him. But he was very, very cool.

Mitani seems like a tragic figure somehow. But he has very cool socks.

Waya rocks the house. Great hair, great Go, great fun.

Isumi is my baby. Oh, with his sweet worried face, he breaks my heart just by existing.

Touya Kouyou is the hottest thing ever. Oh god.

Ogata. Ogata, Ogata, Ogata. Clearly, the man has unnatural desires. Unnatural desires that involve Akira and/or Hikaru. I'm sure I'm not making this up.

I'm not really feeling fic-ish about this yet, except for secretly wanting to read something really, really fucked up about Ogata. Or maybe not so secretly. God, whenever he's on the screen! Right now, he's drunk and he's coming on to Hikaru. You can't tell me he's not. Run, Hikaru, run! ETA: Now they're in Ogata's hotel room! And loungy music is playing!


I have never seen another show with so much sweatdropping! It's like the sweat is permanently pasted to the characters's faces.

I thought it was weird that Akira's mother calls him Akira-san. That seems awfully formal.

I do kind of ship Isumi/Waya. They always seemed to be going off home together.

And spoilery: Until I actually see Isumi, I'm going to assume that he threw himself off a bridge on the way home from the final match of the pro trials. Words cannot express how badly I feel for him.

And that's me reporting in.
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