Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

On my mind

I regret not watching the hockey game yesterday. Even though we lost. When I read today about some of the plays the Czechs made, I kept thinking, Ooh, I wish I'd seen that one.

Prince of Tennis PSA: Today on Tokyo Toshokan I saw a torrent for PoT Manga 247-249 scanlated by JPREALM, a new group. I've downloaded it and made sure it's not porn, but haven't read through yet. ETA: Have read, looks fine. And I always forget how attractive Manga-Inui is. So lovely. ETA2: akatonbo points to controversy regarding this scanlation, FET, and JPREALM.

If all the TV BT sites go down, how will I keep up with Stargate this summer?

I woke up with a head full of Ogata porn ideas. Figures. They are taunting me, especially since the InuKai I'm writing is difficult and a little depressing. We're easier, they say, we're tasty and hot and instantly satisfying. Just like McDonald's fries, I guess. So far I am resisting. I should at least read a little in this fandom before I write in it. And I am enjoying my InuKai, difficult or not.

I've found that every time I come out about a new fandom, three things happen:

1. People from my flist who are already in said fandom post to say Whee! I love this fandom!

2. Other people from my flist add the fandom to their read/watch list and then after a while, write coming out posts of their own.

3. People defriend me. I think it must be a trigger for people who are bored with what I'm posting anyhow. *g* It's always OK to drop me and no worries, if you're not interested in what I'm interested in.

I was trying to put together an InuKai FST, but never got very far. But I did gather some songs to choose from and I am listening to one of them now: Thriller. It really is a perfect InuKai song. I love the image of Inui (evil Inui!) making Kaidoh (poor Kaidoh!) watch horror movies with him, just so Inui can benefit from Kaidoh clutching Inui and burying his face in Inui's shoulder.
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