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You can call me Hal.

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On my mind
I regret not watching the hockey game yesterday. Even though we lost. When I read today about some of the plays the Czechs made, I kept thinking, Ooh, I wish I'd seen that one.

Prince of Tennis PSA: Today on Tokyo Toshokan I saw a torrent for PoT Manga 247-249 scanlated by JPREALM, a new group. I've downloaded it and made sure it's not porn, but haven't read through yet. ETA: Have read, looks fine. And I always forget how attractive Manga-Inui is. So lovely. ETA2: akatonbo points to controversy regarding this scanlation, FET, and JPREALM.

If all the TV BT sites go down, how will I keep up with Stargate this summer?

I woke up with a head full of Ogata porn ideas. Figures. They are taunting me, especially since the InuKai I'm writing is difficult and a little depressing. We're easier, they say, we're tasty and hot and instantly satisfying. Just like McDonald's fries, I guess. So far I am resisting. I should at least read a little in this fandom before I write in it. And I am enjoying my InuKai, difficult or not.

I've found that every time I come out about a new fandom, three things happen:

1. People from my flist who are already in said fandom post to say Whee! I love this fandom!

2. Other people from my flist add the fandom to their read/watch list and then after a while, write coming out posts of their own.

3. People defriend me. I think it must be a trigger for people who are bored with what I'm posting anyhow. *g* It's always OK to drop me and no worries, if you're not interested in what I'm interested in.

I was trying to put together an InuKai FST, but never got very far. But I did gather some songs to choose from and I am listening to one of them now: Thriller. It really is a perfect InuKai song. I love the image of Inui (evil Inui!) making Kaidoh (poor Kaidoh!) watch horror movies with him, just so Inui can benefit from Kaidoh clutching Inui and burying his face in Inui's shoulder.

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My obsessiveregular checks of FET informed me last night (aside from there being 3 new chapters released while I was out of time) that JPREALM is apparently run by someone who volunteered as an editor with FET in order to get access to and steal their scripts. Details on the FET front page, with copious comparison.

Ooh, interesting, thanks.

I have a suggestion for your InuKai FST; there's this one song called Your Glasses by Maria Mena that just screams InuKai to me.

The lyrics can be found here if you want to take a look at them. :D

Ooh, that does look good. If you have the song, would you mind YSI-ing it?

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! I'll add it to my list.

You already know which category I belong to. =D

I'm not sure if you saw my comment on your older post, but I got the next set of DVDs! Thank you! And I was wondering if you'd like one of the Harry Potter coin collections I have in my possession. I'd like to send a thank you, and I know you sometimes collect oddities. =D These are pretty cool.

Let me know, but thanks either way! I'm thrilled there's a long weekend coming up. Anime-watching time!


Hee! I'm glad they arrived. I'll pass on the coin-collection as I'm trying to clear out stuff right now instead of collecting it, but thank you for the offer. :)

Lucky you getting to watch all weekend! I have to chain myself to my desk and write. Bah.

It's always OK to drop me and no worries, if you're not interested in what I'm interested in.

You can't get rid of me that easily.

*digs a trench and climbs in*

It's not like I'm *trying* to drive you away. :) *brings you tea in the trench*

Heh, this is one of the few journals I never skip over. To me, at least, there is always something of interest here.

Plus you are kinda my point of critical mass when it comes to anime lately.

"PoT... an anime about boys playing tennis... for 100+ episodes...Um, well...but it does have a ginormous yaoi fandom... oh, and prillalar likes it? oh, and she's *writing* for it? well, ok then." (And now I wonder if you'll ever get the urge to write something for Naruto)

I have been getting the English translations of Hikaru no Go--mainly because I think the art is gorgeous and the storytelling layout/pacing is so well done (especially dealing with the challenge of making the go game visually exciting to the go-ignorant). I've gotten glowing reviews about it from people at cons, but am trying to keep to one obsession at a time, so its multitudes of episodes will have to wait their place in my fandom line. Next series up: trying to decide between watching One Piece or the crazy one about the bread.

And now I wonder if you'll ever get the urge to write something for Naruto

That remains to be seen. I did once before, the time that Kabuto said that Orochimaru likes him because he heals quickly... But I just swallowed hard and carried on. I've been quite invested in the show ever since the Wave Country arc, but it just hasn't pinged me to write about it.

Next series up: trying to decide between watching One Piece or the crazy one about the bread.

The crazy one about the bread. Definitely. Anyhow, there are only 26 subbed eps of Yakitate!! Japan right now so you could watch those first and then jump into the however many hundred there are of One Piece.

Y!!J is the show that gets me the most excited when a new sub drops. It cheers me up no end if I'm down and makes me happier if I'm not. And the second ED is the crackiest thing I've ever seen or heard.

Only 26? Ha! The choice is clear!

I went through a brief moment of panic over the tv bt sites when I first heard even though I don't technically need it. It's kinda of surprising how much I've come to rely on it for the shows I watch though. Hopefully more drastic changes won't be made, so we can at least have the remaining bt sites.

One of these days, I shall have to try out these anime series you're always talking about. You always make them sound so interesting. Except I wouldn't even know where to start. *g*

The shows will get out there somehow. It's too late for them to stop it now. It's just whether or not I'll be able to keep up with the method of distribution!

If you want recs for good starter anime, let me know. :)

My roommate back in school was in the anime club, so I used to know a little about it, except I don't remember much now. And actually, since all the shows I'm watching are going on hiatus soon with the exception of my sci-fi channel shows this summer, I should have some time soon to explore new stuff. So yes, I would love some recs, please. :)

What kind of other shows do you like to watch? Stargate, obviously. :) But what else?

I don't know that I have a specific type of show that I prefer to watch (my interests are perhaps a bit too broad), but generally speaking, things that are plotty, have good character development and characters that I will grow very attached to, and have long story arcs (rather than episodic) are what I tend to look for. Action/fight-oriented is a plus (I'm a sucker for good action, but don't see much of it outside of movies). Slashy potentials are optional, though of course, always appreciated when I find good pairings I can latch onto. The main reason that I'm asking you for recs is that I'm kinda in the mood for something new and refreshing. I think my fannish interests have gone a bit stale lately. *g*

Thank you, by the way.

*throws in a totally unsolicited plug for GetBackers while I'm here*

49 episodes in all, up to or more than half the series out on DVD commercially (at 5 episodes a disc and $20 at BestBuy, less at deepdiscountdvd.com) and more coming out every other month. Manga being translated into English (up to volume 8 so far) and still running in Japan (up to volume 29, everything from about volume 15 on is not animated and some parts of the anime are not based on the manga) if that's of interest. Plot follows a pair of 'retrieval specialists' who are hired to "get back" lost and stolen items. Starts episodic but quickly moves into longer plot arcs (episodes 11-25 are a single storyline) with occasional episodic filler later. Good mix of often intense fighting, character development, and goofy humor, many possible slash pairings to fit a variety of tastes. Very interesting cyberpunk/science-fantasy elements in places. Probably a decent starter series. I definitely recommend watching it subtitled; the dub is acceptable but the name pronunciation is atrocious.

Unsolicited plugs are most welcome. ;)

Oh wow, this does sound very interesting. I'll be putting this on my viewing list. Heh, I've had the whole sub vs dub thing hammered into me by my old roommate, so my instinct would be to watch the subbed version as well. *g* Thanks for the rec.

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