Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Naruto 134

Speaking of starting to ship...

Now. I'm shipping now, now, now.

I need to watch this one again. And then there need to be icons.

I'd hoped that Sasuke's weird power would be cooler-looking. Those big hands were more doofy than creepy. But the fighting was so intense and the friendship inside the fighting was so sweet and Sasuke walking off alone at the end was so sad.

We knew, of course, that Naruto couldn't be dead and gone in any permanent way, but I honestly hadn't been expecting that he would live because Sasuke would choose not to kill him when he had the chance. Way to go, Sasuke. You're all grown up now.

I'm so glad I didn't ship them before this. This was worth waiting for. The handlinking, the smiles, the raw power.

Oh, sweeties.

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