Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

All that and a bag of chips

I am behind on answering comments. I will attempt to fix that this weekend. I was in the middle of replying to Star Wars comments and then I thought I needed a Star Wars icon for that but when I tried to make one, I couldn't manage to fit all the lyrics to I Will Survive into a 100x100 area. So now I need a new idea.

Despite how I felt about the actual movie, I'm now in the post-movie headspace where I'm processing all the new information, fitting it in with all the old information, and calling the Boy up at work to give him my new theories about Obi-Wan. More about this later.

PoT PSA: You may recall how W-Dreamers has been ripping the HK DVDs of PoT as a stop-gap while we wait for good subs. Now they've started subbing the eps themselves, starting with 158. I've downloaded but not yet watched.

Today I saw Unleashed. That was one fucking good film. I didn't realise until I got there that it was a Luc Besson film. And Jet Li was wonderful. The action sequences were breathtaking and filled with so much emotion and tension from the rest of the story. And his acting was lovely! I don't want to say more, as it will spoil things, but I would recommend this movie, unless you are bothered by violence.

I'm working on an InuKai I've had in progress for weeks now and it's kicking my ass. This is all the fault of my muse: Eris, Goddess of Discord. I don't call on her very often, but occasionally I have to. A while back, I was not writing because I was doing a lot of cleaning and it was making me antsy. So we had this conversation:

Hal: I haven't been writing much and when I have it's all been MomoKai. I'd like to write some InuKai, something short that I can do in an afternoon. But I don't have a good idea. Do you have one?

Eris: Sure, here. *inspire*

Hal: But this isn't a fluffy afternoon idea! It will take me weeks and it's all depressing!

Eris: Suck it up, bitch.

So I've been sucking it up. Dammit, though, it's hard. I wonder if she'd notice if I took a break to write Ogata porn.

In other news, it is time for bed. *smooches*
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