Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Doctor Who: Father's Day

I ship, I ship, I ship.

This episode was so intense! I loved the time dragons and Rose's father and little Micky and all. We figured out "Watson, come here. I need you" before it was revealed, but failed to guess the question that CBC would ask after the episode. (The answer to the trivia question is always ridiculously easy, so we try to guess the question instead.)

The Doctor loves Rose and Rose loves the Doctor. I could live a month off their handholding, it's so sweet.

I melt.

Coronation Street has become something of a five-minute fandom for me, since I usually catch that much of it waiting for Doctor Who to start. I still don't know anyone's name, but I know enough to say, "She's pregnant, isn't she?"

Afterwards, Da Vinci's Inquest came on and neither of us had the energy to get up to switch it off right away. (Our TV is very old and does not have a remote control.) So I was watching the credits in a desultory way.

Hal: Kim Hawthorne!

Boy: Who's that?

Hal: She's from Jeremiah...Sarah Jane Redmond!

Boy: Should I recognize her?

Hal: She's from Millennium...Colin Cunningham!

Boy: OK, I know him.

But even after all that, I didn't watch the episode. It was enough to see their names in the credits. Ah, Vancouver.
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