Halrloprillalar (prillalar) wrote,

Life-changing decisions

(I seem to be sucking more than usual lately in replying to email and comments. But part of this post is about dealing with that.)

Two questions for you, oh wise ones of LJ.

1. I have recently acquired an iPod mini. It is shiny and cute and I kiss its pretty face. But the earphones suck, so I need some new ones. I want to get a pair of in-ear earphones. (I won't be wearing them for hours and hours on end. I have other sets for that.) Specifically, I want to get the Sony White Fontopia Headphones MDR-EX71SL/WK. But only the black variation seems to be available in Canada.

Poll #501923 Hal's iPod Mini Earphones

I should

Spend more $$ to order the white ones from the US because they have to match my shiny cute iPod, dammit!
Suck it up and buy the black model which is functionally the same but not white, dammit!
Buy some other model of earphones which you will advocate in comments, dammit!

2. I have been looking into ways to become more focused and productive in the various aspects of my life. Particularly, I want find ways to be less distracted. I'm considering giving Getting Things Done a try. I've been reading 43 Folders for a while and it sounds like a Good Thing.

Does anyone have any experience with GTD, either positive or negative? Do you have another system you like better?
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