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PoT Fic: Spit and Polish (InuKai)

I was consulting Inui's room layout for something on the InuKai I'm writing. (The one I've been crazy bitching about for the last month, not this one here.) And then I had to look at Kaidoh's room as well. And Inui's bag check. And Kaidoh's bag check. (I got the bag-check scans from maeran but I don't know who the original scanner was.)

I began to ponder the differences between them and lo! a fic was born.

Spit and Polish by Halrloprillalar
Prince of Tennis, InuKai, PG13, 1700 words.
Everyone has their little quirks.

Spit and Polish

"Make yourself comfortable," Inui said. "I'll find my notes." He shut the door and went over to his desk as Kaidoh dropped his bag on the floor. Inui smiled. Time for their bi-weekly Tennis Strategy Meeting. It was normally held in Inui's bedroom because it was also their bi-weekly Heavy Makeout Session. More efficient that way.

Data analysis and necking -- it was making Inui's palms sweat just thinking about it. He opened the second drawer, but the book wasn't in that stack. Must be the third drawer then.

He was halfway through that bunch when he heard the noise. A soft shoof shoof coming from behind him. Kaidoh was doing it again.

Inui spun around and sure enough, Kaidoh had a stack of tennis magazines in his arms. He was reaching out for one on the bed when he saw Inui looking at him. He hesitated, but grabbed it anyhow.

"Kaidoh," Inui said.

"I was just organizing them." Kaidoh slid the magazine into the stack, a third of the way down, and set the pile down on Inui's dresser.

"They were already organized," Inui said. "I have a system."

"They were all over the floor."

"That's the system."

"Sorry, senpai."

Inui went back to his drawer, but the book wasn't there. He tried the second drawer again.


The notebook was in there after all. And when Inui turned around, the magazines were spread into a fan shape. Inui just looked at Kaidoh.

Kaidoh blushed. "It's more attractive this way."

Maybe for about an hour, until Inui needed to consult one of the issues. But he didn't press the point. "I thought we'd talk about doubles formations today." He sat down on the floor, his back against the bed, and opened the notebook. Kaidoh sat beside him and Inui began to go through the diagrams.

"I don't quite get that one, senpai." Kaidoh pointed to a blue line that intersected a red line and a green line. "Do I move before or after you do?"

"Let me show you." Inui got up and went to his computer. "I have a simulation." He pulled up the animation and set it to loop. "See? I move there and then you move here." He traced the path on the screen. "The ball will come through here or here..." He tapped the spots. "And you'll be in position to return it right back to the baseline." He looked up at Kaidoh. "Do you understand now?"

Kaidoh nodded. "Thank you, senpai." Then he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped off the screen.


"Fingerprints," Kaidoh said. "And dust." He gave the screen another polish, then looked at Inui. "Smudge," he muttered and scrubbed the side of Inui's nose.

"Kiss," Inui said and put his arms around Kaidoh's waist. Kaidoh didn't object. In fact, he leaned against Inui and licked the corner of Inui's mouth. Then he pulled Inui down onto the bed. He straddled Inui's lap and put his arms around Inui's neck. Inui barely had time to take his glasses off and toss them on the side table before Kaidoh was pressed up against him, tongue-kissing him.

This was why Inui tolerated the cleaning.

It was a good twenty minutes before they came up for air. A good twenty minutes. Inui was breathing hard and his lips were tingling. Kaidoh's shirt was half off and he hissed softly as he pulled it back down. Inui swallowed hard and fumbled for his glasses.

Too bad they had to come up for air at all, but Inui found that things went better when he let Kaidoh set the pace. And, anyhow, this was about as compromised as they could afford to get when Inui's parents were home. The early warning system wouldn't give them enough time to get out of anything more.

Inui stole one last kiss, then slid onto the floor and retrieved the notebook. "Okay," he said. "In the next...Kaidoh?"

Kaidoh was straightening the bed. "Sorry," he said and twitched the spread into place. "There you go." He sat down beside Inui. "Which one?"

"Here." Inui pointed, then explained the next formation. "We'll practice these next week. There are two more variations to cover." He turned the page. Or he started to, but Kaidoh grabbed his wrist.

"Senpai, your hand." Kaidoh turned Inui's hand palm-up. It was blistered and raw.

Inui shrugged. "I suppose I overdid the serve practice yesterday." It was painful, but he had got used to blocking that out.

"That should be cleaned and bandaged," Kaidoh said. His eyes were especially serious. "Do you have a first-aid kit? I'll do it for you."

Well, Kaidoh was probably right. No need to make it worse than it already was. "I'll go get it," Inui said and left the room. The kit was in a cupboard in the kitchen. On the way back, he unlocked the closet where his monitors were kept. He zoomed in on the feed from his room.

"Dammit!" He should never have left Kaidoh alone in there. Kaidoh was kneeling on the bed, cleaning Inui's notes off the wall with a stain eraser.

It really wasn't that unexpected, though. When Inui was in Kaidoh's room, Kaidoh was forever dusting and polishing anything either of them touched. And when Kaidoh was in there alone, he would clean the floors and walls and even shine up his exercise equipment. Inui wasn't sure it was healthy to be quite that clean. Though the fact that Kaidoh usually worked shirtless was nice.

Inui was about to flip the monitor off when Kaidoh's mobile rang. He always downloaded the cheesiest pop song ringtones, a new one every week. Inui glanced at the mobile scanner to see who was calling. Momoshiro? Inui switched on the audio so he could hear both sides of the conversation.

"Why are you calling me?" Kaidoh said.

"Is that a nice thing to say?" Momoshiro said. "You don't have to be so abrupt."

"I don't have time for you, idiot, so talk or hang up."

"Jeez, Mamushi, calm down. I just wondered if you had seen my MD player. I can't find it."

"Why would I have your MD player?"

"I don't know, I just thought I might have left it in the club room or something."

"Are you a baby who needs someone to take care of him?"

"I suppose it could be around here somewhere." There was a crashing noise from Momoshiro's end of the connection. "Oops."

"You're such a slob," Kaidoh said. "Your room must be a complete disaster area."

"Hey, that's perfectly normal for our age!"

"Just for stupid idiots like you."

"Shut up, Mamushi! Or I'll-- Oh, hey, here it is. It was under my uniform."

"Is your uniform on the floor?"

"Not everybody is a total freak like you!"

Kaidoh hissed into the phone. "Shut up, Momoshiro."

"Ha, just try to make me!"

"Just watch, I'll--" But Momoshiro hung up before Kaidoh could finish his threat. Kaidoh swore and put the phone away. Then he went back to work on Inui's wall.

Inui frowned. Room sensors indicated Kaidoh's heart rate was elevated beyond what it ought to be just from an argument with Momoshiro. He looked at the timecodes and found that the spike coincided with the discussion about Momoshiro's messy room.

That wasn't good. In fact, it was bad. If Kaidoh spent too much time thinking about the state of Momoshiro's room, he might find a reason to go over there to clean it. And Inui knew what cleaning did to Kaidoh.

Inui was going to have to find a way to implant that GPS chip under Kaidoh's skin and soon. It would probably be prudent to chip Momoshiro too, so he could make sure they weren't meeting. But he'd have to work out the delivery method later. Right now he had to get Kaidoh's mind off Momoshiro's clutter.

When Inui opened the door, Kaidoh jumped and looked guilty. Inui sighed. A whole week's worth of good ideas were already erased from the wall. But he didn't comment, just handed Kaidoh the first-aid kit.

Kaidoh cleaned off Inui's hand with disinfectant, then wrapped a bandage around it. "There you go, senpai," he said.

"Thank you, Kaidoh," Inui said. Kaidoh was still holding on to Inui's hand. That was pleasant. He was looking at Inui's fingers now, at his fingernails actually.

"Your cuticles are really ragged," Kaidoh said. He rummaged in his bag and pulled out a small leather kit. "I'll give you a manicure."

"You'll-- a what?" This was really taking things too far.

"Your nails will be healthier if they're tidy," Kaidoh said. He took out a wooden stick and reached for Inui's hand again.

"We should get back to the formations." Kaidoh looked disappointed, but Inui steeled himself. No way was Inui going to let this happen. His magazine and computer and walls were one thing, his actual fingernails were another.

But then he thought about Momoshiro and the messy room. Damn. He was going to have to go through with it. "I guess it's all right," Inui said, and gave Kaidoh his hand.

Inui watched Kaidoh as he bent over Inui's hand, pushing at Inui's cuticles with the stick. It only took a few minutes to do the right hand. "I'll file the nails afterwards," Kaidoh said and started on the left.

Well, it really wasn't too bad, Inui thought. A small price to pay if it kept Kaidoh happy and here. Not to mention, Kaidoh was starting to flush and his breathing was slightly faster. That was an even stronger reaction than from cleaning. With luck, Inui would get another twenty minutes before the afternoon was over. Maybe even thirty.

"We should really do this at least once a week, senpai," Kaidoh said and looked up.

"Or even twice," Inui said and grinned.
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